Future-proof your home security system

Future-proof your home security system

In today’s technology-focused world, home security systems have advanced a great deal. In the past, they generally only ever consisted of a house alarm, but nowadays there are many more components available to provide an extra level of protection.

So not only do you have house alarms, but the smart security systems of the future also include security cameras, both out and inside your property, plus an array of extras such as smart plugs and bulbs that can all be monitored and controlled from the convenience of your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Let’s take a closer look at why you’d use these…

House alarms

These have always been one of the most effective deterrents for intruders to your home. If yours has one displayed visibly, criminals are far more likely to choose a different home to attack, one that won’t emit a deafening noise alerting all and sundry to their illegal presence!home alarm system from time2

Outdoor security cameras

Again, these act as an effective deterrent when they are clearly visible. However, they also serve to help identify the perpetrators of any crime committed. It is widely known that if a successful burglary happens on a certain property, that one is more likely to be targeted again in a repeat attack. Catching the culprit would certainly be a warning to not break in at your house again!

outdoor security systems

Indoor security cameras

These would get another view of any intruder but are also useful to see any unlawful activity that might be conducted by people you have allowed into your home, such as tradespeople. If you alert them to the security camera’s presence in advance, you are likely to prevent anything untoward in the first place.

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Smart plugs and bulbs

These can be set to ensure lights go on at certain times automatically, giving the illusion that there is someone in the property.

smart home automation

It may seem an onerous task to install all these elements but together, they make up a robust security system for your home that will protect it today and in the future. Also, thanks to user-friendly installation, you’ll have them set up and connected to your WiFi in no time.

Managing all these elements independently and manually would be a time-consuming affair but fortunately this is a thing of the past! All components of your security system can be connected to a free smart phone app, such as Nest, Ring and Clan At Home which is available on both iOS and Android.

This app gives you the ability to manage every part of your system remotely from your smart phone. You can change settings for any of the items and log in to view what’s going on at home via your security cameras from wherever you are in the world. You can watch a live stream, record certain bits and even playback any recordings if you want to watch something again. You can also have alerts sent to your phone when motion is detected – house alarms and security cameras can all be purchased with sensors which detect movement.

A security system needn’t be as daunting as you think and nor should it become obsolete the second new technology is released. With the right products all managed via the right app on your smart phone, your house will be a safer place now and, in the future, too.

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