Pet Cameras

Pets can be over exuberant at the best of times, and, if no one is around, they can misbehave, much like humans do! Have you found an item of furniture that has been chewed like there is no tomorrow? Or your cat is climbing up to places it shouldn’t and knocking down breakable items? If so, it might be time to finally purchase a pet monitor for your home.

Pet cameras give you crystal clear 1080p footage, so you can clearly see how your pet is behaving while you are not around. Whether this is at daytime or night time, you will have a view of your pet and its surroundings, due to the high quality night vision capabilities of all of our cameras. These can be especially useful in the garden, as you can sense any intruders with 4 legs rather than two! You can finally spot that roaming cat that is messing with your garden with a cat camera from Time2.

Our dog cameras give you the ability to communicate with your pets using a speaker system, so you can reassure them with your voice if they look or sound distressed. This can be a great way of calming your pet down, so they avoid misbehaving whilst you are not around.

Some of our cameras come with the ability to rotate, by offering 355° pan and 90° tilt functions. Many customers have found this feature to be especially useful in pet cameras, as (cats especially) can reach places that humans don’t normally find themselves in, so a rotating camera can help pick up these uncommon areas. Pets also tend to move quicker than humans, so a camera that can always track their movements is always ideal in keeping a close eye on them.

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Where is best to position my pet security camera?

The answer to this question depends entirely on what you want to get out of having a pet camera in your home. If you are on the lookout for when and how a pet misbehaves when you are not around, then you might want to think about installing your pet security camera in the area you are most concerned about.

If you are just using the camera to generally check-up and play with your pet, then you could put it in an area that is easily accessible for your pet, somewhere close to ground level. This is so they can get up close to the camera to know exactly where the sound of your voice is coming from.

How do I talk to my pet when I’m not at home?

The rapid rise in technology over recent years has meant that you can now comfort your pet in real time, even if you are not in the house! We understand how challenging it can be for pets to be left alone, especially when they are young and still being trained. As a result, you can connect through the dog camera app, Clan at home, to instantly comfort your pet if they are distressed due to a knock at the door or a noise outside the home.

Clan is also a useful cat camera app, allowing you to talk to your pet from another room of the home, while on your lunch hour at work, or even on holiday. Once you have stayed connected with a pet camera from Time2, you will never want to go back!

Can I know when my dog is barking if I’m away from the house?

Absolutely. We know that one of the main signs of distress in dogs is if they bark for prolonged periods of time. Our security cameras come with audio alerts that are displayed through the Clan app. This means you can be immediately alerted if your dog needs your attention to help calm them down and make them feel more relaxed after a noise has caused them to stress.

You can always keep on top of your dog’s activity with our pet security cameras, no matter where you are based!