Home Automations

You may have noticed that all the devices we have to offer can all be accessed using a single app, Clan At Home.


This is not only convenient if you have multiple different products but there are also a number of additional advantages you may not be aware of.


One of which is getting your devices to work together using the Smart Scenes section of the App. There are thousands of ways you can get your devices to work together. Below you will find some of our customer favourites.

Are you using your cameras to monitor your home? If so you can connect them with the Ella smart bulb and get them to work together to give you that little bit of reassurance that your home is protected.

For example, you may have your cameras looking over an area where there should be no movement. If an unwanted intruder was to walk into the camera’s field of view you will be notified of this. However, having the Ella Smart Bulb connected to the App means that if the camera detects movement this would automatically set the light bulb to turn on as an added deterrent.

Are you using your Mia baby monitor to keep an eye on your newborn baby? Yes? Well, you can be notified if it gets too hot or too cold for your baby but there is more you can do. Plug the Arthur Smart Socket into a fan or a heater and they will automatically turn on or off when it reaches a certain temperature.

Having all your devices in one app allows you to make endless connections and you may find one that suits your needs.

Moving on from connected devices, the Smart Scenes function also allows you to use external factors to make your life easy.

Maybe you have realised you have forgotten to arm the Noah and can’t access your phone at work? You can set an area around your property and once your phone leaves that area your Noah will arm automatically.

Or maybe you have walked into your house after a long day’s work and it is completely freezing. You can set the Arthur Smart Socket to turn the heater on a couple of hours before you come home so that it is all warm for when you walk in.

The Clan At Home app provides a number of benefits and with the Smart Scenes section, you will be provided with that little bit extra to protect all that your value.