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    Time2’s collection of indoor security cameras have motion and audio detection, live streaming, automatic night vision and many more features to keep your home safe.

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    The outdoor CCTV cameras available from Time2 are the perfect way of securing your property from intruders. Take a look at our collection for yourself now.

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    Illuminate your property and deter any unwanted visitors with the bright LED floodlight and capture clear HD footage

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CCTV Security & Surveillance Cameras

If there is a company you can always count on for excellent outdoor & Indoor Surveillance Cameras, it is Time2 Technology. You enjoy peace of mind when you purchase our CCTV Security Cameras. We are firm believers that your home is your haven and you should always feel safe as you relax with your loved ones.

At Time2, our outdoor & indoor surveillance camera have a wide range of advanced features such as instant motion and sound alerts sent straight to your smart phone or tablet. Therefore, you are never worried about losing your property. Any CCTV Security Cameras you purchase here assures you of perfect functionality. Our experts are ready to guide you on the product you should purchase depending on your requirements.

At our company, we are guided by simplicity. We design security cameras that are easy to set up and use. Within a short time, you are ready to monitor what’s going on in your indoor and outdoor environments. We have home CCTV systems that you can use in any location. The specifications always suit your needs.

Whenever you have any questions, you can contact our experts. They are always eager to respond to your concerns about our products. Call us at 01254 272688 or send us an email via support@time2technology.com. We always respond fast to your questions on Outdoor Security Cameras.

Time2 UK has an extensive range of mains powered and battery operated indoor & outdoor surveillance cameras with 2-way audio and full HD video footage.

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Plenty of features

Whether you need an indoor security camera or an outdoor one, you can always find them here. The indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi security cameras support automatic night vision, have two-way audio properties, and send sound and motion alerts. They also have other advanced features that ensure you are at peace as your property is safe regardless of where you are.

The top-notch CCTV Security Cameras enable you to detect suspicious movements in and around your home. That way, you can always act fast if anything is wrong. The outdoor surveillance cameras work at all times. You can monitor and keep a record of the occurrences in your home on a 24/7 basis.

Our security products are wireless-enabled. Therefore, you don’t go through complex installation procedures. With a WIFI connection and a source of power, you can easily plug in the system and continue with your surveillance mission.

We have always mastered how to combine simplicity and quality as we design the CCTV cameras for your home. With an excellent Time2 Technology indoor surveillance camera, you enjoy HD videos and pictures. It’s therefore easy to identify the intruder and act appropriately.

Connect from anywhere

The wireless security cameras you find at Time2 are part of the Clan smart home systems. Others include smart plug and bulbs. The products are excellent, pocket-friendly, and the accompanying connections enable you to keep your home safe. All you need to have is a stable WIFI connection and a power source.

What else can you enjoy with your Mains and Battery Operated Home Surveillance WiFi Cameras? You can control these devices with your smartphone using the free ‘Clan at Home’ app. Download the app and use it on your Android or iOS device.

With the clan app, you can easily access the security system from anywhere. You can monitor the live stream when you are on holiday away from home. Besides, you can watch recordings of the occurrences you missed in your home. Therefore, you are always safe with the Indoor Surveillance Camera that you purchase here.

The home security camera systems detect motion and sound and send you an alert instantly. They work 24 hours. If you miss anything, the 24-hour recording system enables you to retrieve it later. You are always secure when using our Outdoor Surveillance Cameras.

When you need the best home security cameras, count on Time2 to offer them. Regardless of where you are, you can protect the things you value in your home. Your valuable assets are always safe with our Indoor Surveillance Camera.


What's the Difference Between Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras?

Nothing! Surveillance Cameras and Security Cameras are just 2 terms for the exact same thing, as is CCTV.

What Are the Advantages of Mains and Battery Operated Home Surveillance WiFi Cameras?

Although some people underestimate these cameras, they are essential. What are the benefits they offer? They include:

  • Improvement of public and private security
  • Reduction of crime rates
  • Easy surveillance of occurrences in and around your home
  • Makes it easy for one to assemble evidence of crime

How to Choose Correct Security & Surveillance Camera Systems?

At Time2 Technology, we can provide you with the best security system for your needs. Therefore, you know you have the best Mains and Battery Operated Home Surveillance WiFi Cameras with the best video and audio quality. You can choose a product based on cosmetic qualities such as colour and size.

Why Choose Time2 Technology for Purchasing Surveillance and Security Cameras?

Time2 UK has an extensive range of mains powered and battery operated indoor & outdoor surveillance cameras with 2-way audio and full HD video footage.

You can trust us when you need the best cameras. The audio and video qualities of our products suit your security needs regardless of the location. Besides, our products are smart and affordable. We have accomplished experts to guide you if you have any questions.

CCTV security cameras are used for recording video footage and conveying signals to keep your property safe & secure. Our indoor & outdoor surveillance cameras have instant motion and sound alerts with full HD live footage features