Sensors and accessories for Smart Home Alarm Systems UK

Time2 has an extensive range of sensors and accessories for Smart Home Alarm Systems in the UK, to help you feel safe in your own home. Our range includes pet friendly motion sensors, smoke detectors, door/window sensors, outdoor and indoor sirens. Helping to reduce home crime and provide peace of mind, this customisable home security sensor system allows homeowners to create a safe home environment and control their houses security from anywhere at any time through the use of their smartphone or tablet.

Sensors can be integrated into the system and work together to provide ultimate customisation and preparation for any possible instances of your house being a target of a robbery or intrusion. Alarm systems in the UK are vital in places where home invasions are common and are now extremely technologically advanced to secure your home in every situation.

Each sensor works with the Time2 home safety alarm system and can be placed anywhere in your home that suits your personal needs. Place sensors on all windows and doors to secure every possible entrance, or use our pet friendly sensors to make sure your dog doesn’t trigger the alarm system.

Our Home security sensor system can be used in any house, flat or anywhere that has a sufficient wifi connection and a mains power outlet.

The Noah Hub is the base of the system, and the ultimate control pad used to deter intruders with its built-in 90db siren and SOS panic button. The Keypad is the physical interface for controlling their alarm system and is used to arm and disarm the home security sensor system when entering or leaving the property. Door/window sensors can also be armed and trigger the siren when movement is detected after the House Safety Alarm System has been armed.

Alarm Systems in the UK are a powerful tool not only used to bring protection to homes, but to provide peace of mind to families when they aren’t home. A wide range of customisable sensors are available to make the customer experience even easier, allowing them to choose when and where their house is protected, all at extremely affordable prices.


How to install these home security alarm systems?

Everything you need to install and set up any alarm system accessories will be provided in the packaging, including a step-to-step illustrated guide on how to do so without the assistance of professional installation companies. All sensors and alarm systems will need to be connected up to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to control everything from anywhere at any time, by using the free Clan At Home App.

How does a home security alarm system work?

Our House Safety Alarm System works to protect your home and family in the most easiest and convenient way possible. Control all sensors and alarm systems through the Clan At Home App on your smartphone to monitor every inch of your home no matter where you are in the world. The sensors are placed in areas of the house including windows and doors, in order to provide ultimate security and arm those areas to pick up on any movement that occurs.

Why should you choose home security sensor systems from Time2 technology?

Apart from being one of the most affordable Alarm Systems in the UK, while also being one of the top-rated, Time2 offers full support to all customers even following the end of the 14month warranty period. Our systems are made solely to protect you and your family, and give you peace of mind that you have the ability to be in control of what happens in your home.