Smart WiFi LED Light Bulbs

Lighting is an often neglected part of the décor of your home, and lighting technology has come a long way since the days of Eddison. Not so long ago a simple dimmer switch, allowing you to control the level of brightness in a room was the absolute cutting edge. Now, with Smart Light Bulbs you can control your light from anywhere, not just in the UK. Our Smart Led Bulbs can last up to 50,000 hrs and has 16 million colours.

It does not matter where you are – perhaps you simply do not want to get up from your armchair to turn on a lamp at the other side of the room, perhaps you are on holiday half a world away and you want to turn on your lights because you want it to appear that somebody is home. Either way our smart light bulbs give you the ability to control your lighting from your smart device, wherever you happen to be. You can control several smart LED bulbs together as a group or individually – and you can control their brightness and colour too!


How does a Smart WiFi Bulb work?

Our smart LED bulbs connect to your WiFi, and can also be paired with Alexa or Google assistant. You can use the free Clan App to control your smart light bulbs to control them using your smartphone, or with Alexa and Google you can operate them via voice command.

Do LED lights increase electric bills?

LED lights are probably the most cost-effective lighting system currently available. Each one of our smart light bulbs uses 7 watts of electricity but is capable of producing the equivalent illumination of an old-style 60watt incandescent bulb so if anything all of the additional capability of a smart LED bulb comes with a saving on your electricity bill. Not only that, with a life expectancy of up to fifty thousand hours you may never have to buy a replacement – saving not only money but waste too!

Why are we the obvious choice for smart bulbs?

Our smart light bulbs are inexpensive, reliable and completely controllable. You can vary their brightness and colour to alter the atmosphere of any room, and you can control them from anywhere. They are available for both bayonet and screw fittings and setting them up takes a matter of mere minutes. Why are we the obvious choice for smart bulbs? Because they are simply the best.