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Indoor Security Cameras

Protect and monitor the things you love and value with our indoor cameras. Create your own indoor camera system.

Indoor Cameras

Indoor Home Security Cameras

When choosing between our indoor security cameras the choice is quite simple. They are both wireless WiFi IP cameras with HD resolution that allow you to view live stream and record. The main difference is the MIP12 is a fixed camera and the HSIP2 rotating camera is a PTZ (Pan, tilt, Zoom) camera offering 355° Pan and 90° tilt. The rotating camera also uses the same App as our outdoor security camera offering a complete home security solution.

Both IP cameras come equipped with motion and sound alerts, automatic night vision, two-way talk (so you can remotely confront an intruder, startle a family member or scold a misbehaving pet) and with up to 64GB storage available via SD Card so you can store all your recordings.

Motion and audio detection is ideal for security purposes as your camera will notify you when it detects movement or sound so you don’t need to constantly record every minute.

The rotating wireless security camera does offer some advanced features. Control the surveillance camera using your finger to view the whole room and set pre-sets to view specific points in the room quickly. Focus on the spots that really matter, like a doorway, or the leather sofa your cat’s always jumping on.