Indoor Home Security Camera

Indoor Home Security Camera are vital to keep your home, property, pets, elderly and loved ones safe.

Our Indoor CCTV cameras offer premium quality features with cutting edge technology with crisp footage, 2 Way Audio, Instant Notification, Rotation and Pan Tilt, Customizable Smart Automation compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

With Time2 Indoor Security Cameras, you are always see what’s happening inside your home at anytime and anywhere, so you can check on loved ones and pets or even catch intruders in the act.

What Indoor Cameras for Home do Time2 sell?

At Time2, we offer 2 indoor security cameras models - Sophia and Olivia.

Sophia Indoor CCTV Camera (Fixed)

The Sophia Indoor camera is fixed and records occurrences in one location while providing excellent picture and video quality, 2 Way Audio (Talk and Listen), Instant Alerts and Motion Detection. Sophia is popularly used for Indoor Room / Office Monitoring, Pet Monitoring and Elderly Monitoring

Olivia Indoor CCTV Camera (Rotation/ Pan Tilt)

Olivia Indoor Camera Camera provides a full coverage with its 355-degree pan and 55-degree tilt enables you to view the whole room. Olivia also offers incredible features like Sophia like Excellent picture and video quality, 2 Way Audio (Talk and Listen), Instant Alerts and Motion Detection.

Olivia provides Intelligent Motion Tracking System that rotates to capture footage to ensure nothing is missed. Olivia is UK's Top Selling Elderly Monitoring Camera and often used to monitor Elderly, Vulnerable Individuals, Pets and Baby.

If you’re looking for an indoor camera system, look no further. With incredible features such infrared night vision, customisable activity zones, live footage and much more we’re sure these cameras will enable you to protect and monitor everything you love and value.


How do Indoor Home Security Cameras Work?

Our Indoor Cameras For Home use infrared lighting technology to monitor the activities in and around your home. You can spot intruders in 1080p HD footage and use features such as two-way talk to deter them from taking any action.

Do the indoor home security cameras need WiFi?

Yes, they will need to be connected to 2.4GHz WiFi connection to function.

Are these considered Wireless Indoor security cameras?

Yes they are considered a wireless indoor camera. While the cameras need to be powered by a cable it is considered a wireless indoor security camera in the sense that they connect to the internet using WiFi. This means you have the benefit of the device always being powered and not being restricted by the wireless indoor camera needing to be plugged directly into a router.

How to Install an Indoor Home Security Camera System?

We have designed indoor CCTV cameras so that they are easy to set up in just a few minutes. We provide step-by-step instruction, however, if you need a little extra help our friendly UK-based customer service team is always on hand.

Why Choose Time2 Technology for Purchasing Indoor Home Security Cameras?

Our UK range of Indoor Security CCTV Camera Systems will help you protect and monitor your home from anywhere in the world, featuring 2-way audio and full HD video.

Time2 is a company that you can always count on when you need good quality Indoor Surveillance Cameras. We don’t compromise when it comes to quality. We ensure the cameras are easy to install and use. We offer pocket-friendly rates to our customers.

Take a look at our products and choose the Indoor CCTV Camera that suits you.

What are the advantages of using indoor camera?

Indoor security cameras, gives a peace of mind when away from home. The residents of the house can peacefully enjoy life outside the house, knowing their house is safe.

Are home security cameras a good idea?

What are the benefits of surveillance?

Benefits of Surveillance

Reduce robbery and break-ins.

Remote Monitoring makes it more secure

Reduce Costs & Scale More Easily

Improve Productivity

Having CCTV Camera Outdoor will make your house more secure

What is the most secure indoor camera?

The choice may vary from user to user, but ever indoor camera has its own benefits. This depends on what the user may like. But some of the indoor cameras which you may like is

Sophia2 Indoor Security Camera

Olivia2 Indoor Rotating WiFi Security Camera

What is the difference between a security camera and a surveillance camera?

Security cameras, also known as CCTV cameras, are used to transmit signals from one place to another, while surveillance camera works on IP networks.