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Keep an eye on your furry friend

Leaving your furry friend home alone is so much easier with our indoor pet security camera. See and hear what they’re up to around the home, receive instant alerts if a dog barks and talk reassuringly to them, wherever you are.

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Live pet monitor

Use your smartphone or tablet you can see and hear what your pet is up to, in high quality HD video and audio.

Sophia, Time2’s small and elegant static wifi security camera, can sit unobtrusively on a shelf or even hang off the ceiling, while her more dynamic sister Olivia can also rotate and tilt so you can see virtually every part of a room and even follow your pet around the room in real time.

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Instant alerts

If you wish, you can use Clan at home to receive instant alerts if there’s sound such as your dog barking.  Sophia can detect sound or motion for extra security when you're not at home.  See all alerts using the app so you can go back in time to see what exactly happened.

Two way sound

As well as listening through Sophia and Olivia, you can also speak. If your pet needs to hear your voice, you can easily talk or make soothing sounds using your phone or tablet. Listen to everything using the Clan at home app so you can tell if the dog has been barking at the postman.

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Part of Clan

Because they’re part of Clan, Time2 cameras can do much more than simply keeping watch. Sound alerts can automatically trigger other home appliances to respond, such as adjusting the lighting or turning on music. And as the Clan family of devices grows, so will the options.

Meet Sophia
Helps you see and hear wherever you are

Meet Olivia
Looks up and down and all around

See What Works With Clan

Time2's family of simple yet clever, connected devices includes our Home Alarm System, indoor and outdoor home security cameras, smart bulbs and smart plug. Each works perfectly on its own - and because they're all part of Clan they can also work together, managed by you through the Clan at home app.  

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