What can I do with the Clan App?

You will see all the devices on our website will have the Clan logo on the listing. This is because all the devices we have to offer can be accessed using one App, Clan At Home.

There are a number of features in the App that you will benefit from and some of our favourites are below:

Works With Alexa & Google Home

After connecting your devices to the App you can setup a link with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This allows you to have control of your devices over different platforms and also let you use your voice to turn them on.

Sharing Access

Using the App you can share access with others so they too have control of the devices you have setup.

Sharing access allows all members of the family the ability to answer the door if someone rings Bella, arm the Noah system if someone forgets or even turn the heater connected to the Arthur Smart Socket on so that the house is warm.

Home Automations

The Smart Scenes section of the App allows you to get your devices to work together to give you some new options. There are thousands of ways you can get your devices to work together and we have listed some of our customer favourites here.

Web View

Would you like to see your cameras on a larger screen? Simply use the scanner in the App to scan the QR code on our web based browser and you will be able to see your cameras on your PC/Laptop.


You will find some of our devices are ONVIF compatible. ONVIF or Open Network Video Interface Forum is a global standard to help make it easier for IP camera manufacturers to create products that are compatible with other manufactures.

Multi Camera View

Since all devices are under the Clan At Home app you can view up to 4 cameras at once at any given time.

This saves you from having to go into each camera to see what is going on and gives you a better understanding of what is happening at home.

All In One Place

The App will allow you to access all the devices you have setup in one App. Do you have a Sophia camera setup to keep an eye on your parents? Do you have the Noah Alarm system setup to protect your home? Or do you have the Ella Smart Bulb setup in a garage workshop?


No matter how many different devices you have setup to make your life easier, they can all be accessed using the Clan At Home app.

Recordings & Downloads

Has your camera captured an unwanted intruder? Or has your Mia baby camera caught a cute moment between father and child?


No matter what you will be able to access all the footage recorded in the Clan At Home App. Do you need to share the footage with others? Not a problem, the App will give you the ability to download footage which will save it to your phone.

Locations & Rooms

You may wish to set up devices in more than one location, for example at work and at home. The Clan At Home app allows you to create multiple locations (Homes) with which you can then associate your devices.


You can go one step further and set up individual rooms in the App so that you know which devices are set up in which room.

Message Centre

After adding multiple devices to the App you may feel overwhelmed with all the notifications your different devices send.

That is where the Message Centre comes in, this is a section of the App that allows you to see all the notifications in one place. Whether they are notifications of when movement is detected in front of your Oscar camera, or when the postman pressed the Bella Video Doorbell, the message centre will group all the notifications by product allowing you to see what you need.