Floodlight Security Cameras

Illuminate your home with this Floodlight Security Camera, the Luna serves as a great deterrent against any possible intruders.

Floodlight security cameras are a great piece of technology for any home. They serve as deterrents against any potential criminals and allow you to detect any movement in the dark.  It’s also a great everyday tool. Taking out the rubbish at night? The Luna will help you find your way.

Having a floodlight security camera gives you that peace of mind at night time, you can take comfort in the fact that you’ll always be to see what’s happening outside your property, night or day. You can view live footage from the Luna anytime and anywhere so whether you’re out for the evening or resting in bed you’ll hardly have to move a muscle.

The Luna floodlight security camera is packed with some incredible features: 24/7 live footage, recording and playback in full 1080p HD, two-way audio, a built-in siren and a 135° field of view. This floodlight security camera also features customisable activity zones and human detection meaning you won’t be alarmed by next door’s cat and you’ll get the least amount of false alarms possible.


Ensure yourself an additional layer of safety with the Luna floodlight security camera.


Do these floodlight cameras have a battery?

Our LED Floodlight With PIR And Camera is powered by the UK standard 240 volt mains electricity supply. Professional installation is recommended. For a simpler, battery powered solution to home monitoring you might consider our Doorbell With Camera and Speaker, which packs fewer features than the Smart Floodlight With Camera but does not require mains power and does not require professional installation.

Do smart floodlight cameras record all the time?

The smart LED Floodlight with PIR And Camera is equipped with a PIR motion sensor and so only records when there is something to see. A 128mb memory card can store up to six months of such motion activated recordings in your Outdoor Floodlight Security Camera, or if you prefer you can use the Clan Cloud storage system and store the footage from your Smart Outdoor Security Camera With Integrated Floodlight securely online.

Do floodlight cameras work without WIFI?

To make full use of the features of our Floodlight Security Camera WiFi is required. The PIR motion sensor will be able to activate the floodlights and record to a memory card if the WiFi is down, but the internet based features, such as alerts to your phone and live streaming of footage from your Outdoor Floodlight Security Camera would be unavailable.

Do I need a floodlight Cam?

Most floodlight fixtures use a motion sensor to automatically turn the lights on when they detect motion, but if you want to see who or what triggered your lights, you need a smart floodlight camera.

What is the purpose of floodlight camera?

While security cameras with night vision can show you what’s out there, a floodlight camera can both show and tell that rascal or raccoon to get off your lawn, scaring them away with some powerful lumens and possibly a blaring siren.

How high should I install my Floodlight Cam?

Three metres off the ground is the optimal height to get the best range for the motion detector. With the motion detector parallel to the ground, Floodlight Cam optimised for detecting human-sized objects up to 10 metres away.

What do I need to install Floodlight Cam?

Everything you need to install Floodlight Cam comes in the box.

If you already have an existing wall-mounted floodlight, you can easily install Floodlight Cam using the mounting bracket we provide.

In addition, there are several articles on our website and in the app that include videos to help you set up your Floodlight Cam. Click the link below for the information you need:

Can I control the floodlights?

Floodlight Cam gives you the option to manually control the lights with the free Ring app. While the lights will automatically turn on at night as soon as Floodlight Cam detects motion, you can also use the app to manually turn the lights on or turn them off. As long as Floodlight Cam is connected to a wifi network, you can control the lights from anywhere.