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Outdoor Security Cameras

Protect your property with our outdoor WiFi security cameras. Instant movement alerts and automatic night vision.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Our Outdoor Home wifi security cameras are perfect for monitoring outdoor spaces and providing you with a visible deterrent to intruders, with all the features to monitor your property anytime from anywhere. When buying an outdoor camera it’s important to ensure the surveillance camera is weatherproof to withstand all weather conditions. Our outdoor wireless IP cameras are IP66 rated with a metal casing ensuring its dustproof, waterproof and freeze-proof.

Both our indoor and outdoor wifi security cameras come equipped with instant alerts when movement is detected, automatic night vision, WiFi connectivity and HD widescreen view. With a 2metre mains power cable you can also buy a 3metre or 5metre extension cable. 

With wireless connection after initial setup the wireless IP surveillance camera, with 720p resolution and 1280x720 widescreen view, is perfect to monitor your property when away from home. With 15 metre night vision and Infrared LEDs to monitor an area in complete darkness our outdoor wifi security cameras are perfect for seeing everything.

Buy the outdoor camera with 16GB storage built-in so you can automatically record when motion is detected and view recordings on your App or PC software.