Noah Smart Home Alarm System Kits

Your house faces many risks. These include thieves, damage from water, fire, and many others. A house alarm system is a great way to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones, Time2 also have a range of pet friendly smart home alarm systems so you don’t have to worry about your furry friends accidentally setting your alarm off. Don’t forget you can also add more sensors and accessories to your alarm kit to protect against burglars, smoke, fire, water leaks, gas leaks, and much more.

We Keep your Home Safe

Our House Safety Alarm System is easy to install and use. Moreover, you can control it from any location. You don’t make any monthly payments after you purchase the system. Whether you are busy at work, enjoying your holiday, or deep asleep, you can be sure that the alarm system is protecting your home from all risks.

Our range of Home Safety Alarm Systems in the UK will protect your family, house and belongings. Do you have a pet? Well, Time2 also have a range of pet-friendly options.


How to Install House Safety Alarm Systems?

All our Smart Home Alarm Systems come with step by step instructions, they are quick and easy to install. If you need a little bit of extra help then our customer support team are happy to talk you through the process.

How Does a House Safety Alarm System Work?

With the Home Security Sensor System, you are always ready to protect your home. How does it operate? Here are the basics you need to know:
All of our kits start with the same 5 products which are essential for home safety. You connect the sensors to the Hub.
To improve your well-being, you should add other sensors. That way, you can safeguard your room, window, and doors. Besides, you can add accessories to detect gas and water leaks.
The free Clan at Home App can help you to monitor what’s going on from any location. You receive an alert whenever there is an intrusion.

Why Choose a House Safety Alarm System?

Some people underestimate the importance of a good Home Security Sensor System. Whether you are within your home or outside, you can always monitor what happens. Therefore, you can always feel at peace. You don’t want your valuables to be stolen. Moreover, you always want your loved ones to be safe. Our system can protect your home from thieves, fire, and dangerous leaks. You don’t want to feel insecure. At the same time, you want to ensure that your home is safe wherever you are. The system ensures that you can safeguard your home from anywhere.

Enjoy Peace of Mind at All Times

When you are using the Noah House Safety Alarm System, you can arm or disarm it at your convenience. The devices you can use include your smart phone, tablet, the hub, remote control, Alexa, or Google Assistant. You choose what works for you. The simplicity of this system is unimaginable. Arm and disarm it according to your schedule.
You can add sensors to the House Safety Alarm System. That way, you receive notifications when the windows or doors are opened, or when someone enters. When you arm your doors and windows, you are notified in cases of intrusion.
When you share the system with family members, they can help you to monitor your home.

Revamp Your Home Security System

If you want to add other accessories and sensors, it’s possible to do so with our Noah alarm system. That way, you can easily detect cases of burglary, gas and water leaks, fire, smoke, and many more.
When you add the security cameras from Time2 Technology, you can receive live streams from your home. Our accessories are affordable and easy to install.

Our range of Home Safety Alarm Systems in the UK will protect your family, house and belongings. Do you have a pet? Well, Time2 also have a range of pet-friendly options.