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Mia Indoor Pet & Baby Monitor Camera

Mia Indoor Pet & Baby Monitor Camera

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Our Indoor Pet & Baby monitor camera, Mia makes keeping an eye on your little ones and pets easier than ever. The mains-powered camera includes some fantastic features which allow you to check your child or pet is safe and comfortable at all times.

Mia includes all the incredible features you’d expect of a high-quality baby monitor camera:

  • Instant motion & sound alerts: Mia’s motion and sound sensors alert you directly to your smartphone as soon as movement is detected or sound is heard.
  • Two-way audio: Speak to your little one wherever you with Mia’s two-way talk feature you can reassure your baby or say hi to your anxious pup from your smartphone at any time and place.
  • Temperature sensor: Make sure your child is comfortable at all times with the built-in temperature sensor helping them (and you) get a great night’s sleep.
  • Night light: A lot of babies and young children get anxious in the dark but with our built-in night light, your little ones will have nothing to be afraid of.
  • White noise and lullabies: Soothe your baby into a good night’s sleep with the Mia baby monitor camera with white noise and 3 lullabies to choose from.
  • Removable silicone cover and wall mount: With the Mia baby monitor camera, you have the freedom to place the camera exactly where you need it most with the removable cover and option to wall mount.



     Colour White
    Camera Type Fixed
    Resolution 1080p HD
    Field of View 100°
    Frames per second up to 15 frames per second
    Night Vision Yes – Infrared
    Motion Detection Yes
    Audio Microphone and speaker, Two way audio
    Power 1m Micro USB Cable
    Connectivity 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi Connection @ 2.4GHz
    Ports Micro SD Card Slot (supports cards up to 32GB)

    Flexible Cloud Storage Options with Event Recording or Continuous


    Continues Recording
    8GB Micro SD Card – up to 1 days
    16GB Micro SD Card – up to 3 days
    32GB Micro SD Card – up to 5 days
    128GB Micro SD card – up to 21 days

    Event Recording
    8GB Micro SD Card – up to 10 days
    16GB Micro SD Card – up to 3 weeks
    32GB Micro SD Card – up to 6 weeks
    128GB Micro SD card – up to 32 weeks

    Smartphone Requirements Smartphone or Tablet running iOS 9.3 and above, Android 5.0 and up
    Box Contents Mia Baby Monitor Camera
    Silicone Case
    Power Adapter
    1m Micro USB Cable
    Magnetic Base
    Quick Start Guide
    Reset Pin



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    • Built-In Night Light

    • Plays Lullabies & White Noise

    • Motion & Audio Detection

    • Night Vision

    • Two-Way Audio

    • Room Temperature Sensor

    Anywhere, Any Time

    You can view your Mia Baby Monitor Camera from anywhere at any time via the “Clan at Home” app and with the 24/7 on-demand full HD 1080p live footage with audio, you will always have a crystal-clear image of your little one.

    Mia also comes with easy-to-share capabilities, you can give access to view the baby monitor camera to anyone who may need it, like your partner or if your child is with a baby sister or the grandparents.

    Better Quality Alerts

    Mia detects both motion and sound, so if your baby starts to cry or move around, you can get a notification straight to your smartphone or tablet.

    Thanks to the activity zone feature, you can concentrate on one specific area of the room and only receive alerts when something occurs there, so you don't get notifications when people walk in and out of the room, only if the baby is moving in the cot.

    Talk & Listen

    Mia benefits from an in-built speaker and microphone so not only can you hear what is going on, you can be heard in the room the baby monitor camera is in too! This is an extremely useful way to help you reassure your little one when you can’t be there.

    Keep Your Baby Happy

    A lot of babies and young children get anxious in the dark but with our built-in night light, your little ones will have nothing to be afraid of.

    The baby monitor camera also has 3 lullabies and white noise built-in to help soothe your baby when they are trying to sleep.

    Room Temperature Sensor

    In the UK you can never predict the weather, one minute it can be boiling and the next freezing. This can be a huge worry for parents out there, with Mia’s room temperature sensor there is no need to worry that your child will overheat and you can set up alerts if a room goes above or below a certain temperature.

    Private Mode

    The private mode feature means you can easily switch the camera off and on at a tap of a finger in the "Clan at Home" app.


    Whether you choose to record locally in the camera onto a Micro SD card, or in the Clan Cloud storage service , you will have the confidence that your video footage is being stored securely.

    Our flexible cloud storage packages allow your data to be safely stored remotely, even in the case if your cameras ever get damaged or stolen. Access your footage at anytime and anywhere

    A Micro SD card will provide 32GB of storage, which allows for up to 6 weeks of motion activated recording. Once it’s full, the oldest footage will start being recorded over.

    Scan easily through the entire video history and even share footage with family and friends!

    Find out more about the Clan Cloud.

    Works with Clan

    Works With Clan

    Your Mia Baby Monitor Camera is part of the Clan so you can add it to your app to complete your home security system. From outdoor security cameras to alarm systems, smart plugs and bulbs, the Clan is an easy way to manage all your items to ensure your home is as safe as possible. This could be used to turn on a light or soothing toy at night when your baby starts to cry, so you don't have to leave your bed.

    Mia is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home


    Does the camera need to be plugged into power at all times?

    Yes. The camera is supplied with a cable that is a metre long. We do offer a longer cable which can be found below:

    How does the camera record?

    You can choose to set the camera to record either on a Micro SD card or you can sign up to the cloud storage.

    The camera can accept an SD card up to 128 GB which will store the footage for roughly 21 days continuously before it overwrites the oldest footage. You can find compatible SD cards here.

    If you choose to record to the cloud, this is a paid option in the App. You can find the prices here.

    Can I share the recorded footage?

    Yes, of course. In the App you have the ability to download any recorded footage and save it to your phone. From here you will be able to share it with others like the police.

    Can more than one person access the camera?

    Yes, of course. Once the camera is set up and working on one account you can share access with other people so that they can also view the cameras.

    Are there any other payments required?

    No. You are provided with everything you need to get the camera up and running to view a live feed.

    Can it work without WiFi?

    The camera will need a strong connection with the internet at all times.

    Most customers connect the camera to a router within the property. Alternatively, if there is no internet you could always look to invest in a mobile data dongle.

    What can I see my cameras on?

    Once the camera is set up you will be able to see the camera on multiple different devices. For example:

    1. Smartphone through the Clan At Home App.
    2. Tablet PC through the Clan At Home App.
    3. PC/Laptop using our web based browser on Google Chrome.
    4. Smart TV using Amazon Alexa/Firestick.
    5. Smart TV using Google Home/Chromecast.
    Please note you will need to have the camera connected to the Clan At Home app before you can view it on different devices.

    Can Mia be installed on the wall?

    Yes, there is a wall mount and screw pack included with Mia for an option to install on to a wall.

    Does Mia come with a parent unit?

    No. Parent units typically have limited ranges, low quality displays, and are one more thing to remember to recharge. With Mia, you can see your baby’s crystal clear livestream on all of your existing devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and Amazon Echo Show.

    Can I buy another Mia baby monitor camera to watch another child in another room?

    Yes, you can purchase multiple Clan cameras including Mia and watch up to four cameras at the same time on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

    Does this monitor work without wifi internet?

    Yes. It doesn’t require wifi or internet it all works when you get it just plug in the camera in a permanent spot and the monitor part charges with a cord.

    Yes. It doesn't require wifi or internet it all works when you get it just plug in the camera in a permanent spot and the monitor part charges with a cord.

    Yes you can remotely Pan or Tilt the camera from our app. In addition to this, invidyo has a 130 degree wide angle lens meaning that the camera allows you to see most of the room even when you are not actively moving the camera. This ensures that your event recordings captured during the day also have great coverage of the room.

    What is a smart baby monitor?

    A smart baby monitor lets you watch, talk to, and soothe your child from anywhere. It makes use of a variety of sensors to assess your baby and alert you of any changes. A smart baby monitor can keep track of your baby’s sleeping patterns, heart rate, the surrounding temperature, and much more.

    Are baby monitors necessary?

    Baby monitors are considered an essential tool for most parents of little ones. After all, it’s simply not possible to keep an eye on your baby 24/7, and having a device that allows you to see and hear your baby when you are not in the room with them is worth its weight in gold.

    Why are baby monitors important?

    Why use a baby monitor? A baby monitor can help you listen out for or keep an eye on your baby from a distance. For example, you might choose to use a baby monitor so you can hear your baby cry if you are downstairs or in another room where you cannot easily hear them.

    Mia Baby & Pet Monitor Camera and App

    Buy Mia Baby Monitors video camera compatible with Clan app in the UK. It features two-way audio detection with a motion sensor, full HD live footage with night vision facilities etc.

    Can this Baby Monitor with Camera record?

    Yes, our Mia Baby Camera With Motion Sensor does come with recording and playback facilities. You will need to purchase an SD storage card or subscribe to one of our flexible cloud storage plans.

    What other benefits come with the Baby Monitor Camera and app?

    Our Baby Monitor Camera And App comes with 3 built-in lullabies to help your baby sleep and also has a night light function. The baby monitor with camera also includes a temperature sensor so you can ensure your little one is comfortable. 

    Does this Baby Monitor UK have motion sensors?

    Yes, our Baby Monitor With Camera also comes with Motion Sensors, so any time the Mia detects movement you will be notified.

     If I am on holiday abroad but my video baby monitor is in the UK can I still view it?

    Yes, as long as Mia is plugged in and powered and connected to WiFi you will be able to view it from anywhere in the world from the Clan at Home app.