Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras

The outdoor CCTV cameras available from Time2 are the perfect way of securing your property from intruders. Take a look at our collection for yourself now.

Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras

Buy outdoor WiFi security cameras in the UK! Our WiFi Outdoor CCTV cameras feature instant motion & sound alerts, full HD live footage and much more. Read More...

Do I need an Outdoor WiFi CCTV Camera?

Purchasing an Outdoor WiFi CCTV Camera is an investment in the safety of your loved ones and property. A WiFi Outdoor Security Camera serves as an effective deterrent against any potential intruders, they’ll think twice about taking action after they notice your WiFi outdoor security camera.

So how do you choose the right WiFi Outdoor Security Camera?

Choosing the right outdoor WiFi camera can be a daunting task. Take into consideration features such as power source and whether you’d like it to also have a floodlight. Every home has different needs, some may need more than one WiFi outdoor security camera depending on the size of the property.


Many people are now installing a WiFi Security Camera outdoors to allow them to monitor their property. But is this legal?

If your outdoor WiFi CCTV camera only captures images of your own private property then there are no legal issues whatsoever. If, however, you have WiFi Cameras outdoors that capture images of your neighbours’ property or the public highway then those images would fall under data protection regulations and may mean that there could be issues if you need to share those images.

We would advise positioning your Wireless WiFi Camera Outdoors carefully so that you can have the peace of mind that comes with an outdoor WiFi camera without impinging on the privacy of others.

Our outdoor WiFi security cameras can be battery or mains power and transmit images over WiFi so can operate completely free of cables. This means that installation could not be easier – simply select the location for your camera and screw them into place. Installing our WiFi cameras outdoors are so easy to put up you will be able to add video security to your home in a matter of minutes.

Our outdoor WiFi security cameras are designed to work using the internet to connect them to your devices. This allows you to view the images from your cameras and receive security alerts through your computer or mobile device. To use our outdoor security cameras WiFi is required.

Time2 is the company to trust for outdoor security cameras. WiFi enabled and easy to install putting one of our wireless WiFi Cameras outdoors in your garden or by your front door is the best way to monitor what is happening around your home when you are not there.
Having one of our range of WiFi Cameras Outdoors on your property allows you to see who is visiting your home, whether parcels really have been left, and even speak to visitors from wherever you are via your devices. You can also record and review HD footage from your WiFi Security Camera so outdoor space on your property can be thoroughly monitored.

Our wireless WiFi camera for outdoor use is an affordable way to keep an eye on your home when you are not there. So take a look at our outdoor security cameras. WiFi has never been so useful!

Our Outdoor WiFi Camera uses infrared lighting technology to monitor the activities within and around your home. You can see intruders based on their temperatures. With the live feeds, you decide what you want to do. You can warn, scare or confront the intruder.

Having an outdoor WiFi security camera for your home provides you with peace of mind. Our Oscar2, Ava and Luna can be your eyes and ears when you’re away from home.

The time2 UK outdoor WiFi camera boasts two-way audio and is full HD. If you’re looking for an external WiFi Camera then our Oscar, Ava or Luna is for you.

Our outdoor WiFi Camera requires a 2.4GHz WiFi connection, without WiFi the outdoor CCTV WiFi camera won’t work.

The camera will need to be plugged into power at all times. It is supplied with its own plug that is roughly 1.2/1.8 metres long. We do offer an extension cable which can be found here.

You can choose to set the camera to record either on a Micro SD card or you can sign up to the cloud storage.

The camera can accept an SD card up to 128 GB which will store the footage for roughly 21 days continuously before it overwrites the oldest footage. You can find compatible SD cards here.

If you choose to record to the cloud, this is a paid option in the App. You can find the prices here.

Yes, of course. In the App you have the ability to download any recorded footage and save it to your phone. From here you will be able to share it with others like the police.

Yes, of course. Once the camera is set up and working on one account you can share access with other people so that they can also view the cameras.

No. You are provided with everything you need to get the camera up and running to view a live feed.

The camera will need a strong connection with the internet at all times.

Most customers connect the camera to a router within the property. Alternatively, if there is no internet you could always look to invest in a mobile data dongle.

The cameras can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. Each camera is provided with the accessories required to help you install them.

If you have mounted the camera on the ceiling you will be able to flip the image in the App so it displays correctly.

Once the camera is set up you will be able to see the camera on multiple different devices. For example:

  1. Smartphone through the Clan At Home App.
  2. Tablet PC through the Clan At Home App.
  3. PC/Laptop using our web based browser on Google Chrome.
  4. Smart TV using Amazon Alexa/Firestick.
  5. Smart TV using Google Home/Chromecast.

Please note you will need to have the camera connected to the Clan At Home app before you can view it on different devices.

Once the cameras are connected to the App you will have full access to them from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.

The WiFi Outdoor Security Camera can be viewed by multiple people. All they need is the Clan at Home app and you can share access.

Time is a company that you can always count on when you need a good quality Outdoor WiFi Camera. We don’t compromise when it comes to quality. We ensure the Outdoor WiFi Camera is easy to install and use. We offer pocket-friendly rates to our customers.

Oscar, Ava and Luna are some of the top outdoor WiFi security cameras within the latest outdoor CCTV range. They feature a built-in speaker and microphone with full HD recording to ensure your home is secure at all times.

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