Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras

The outdoor CCTV cameras available from Time2 are the perfect way of securing your property from intruders. Take a look at our collection for yourself now.

Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras

The Time2 Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras are ideal for protecting and monitoring your UK home from any unwanted guests, boasting two-way audio and full HD. With Time2 the security and peace of mind that comes with video protection is affordable and hassle free.


Many people are now installing a WiFi Security Camera outdoors to allow them to monitor their property. But is this legal?

If your outdoor WiFi camera only captures images of your own private property then there are now legal issues whatsoever. If, however, you have WiFi Cameras outdoors which capture images of your neighbours’ property or the public highway then those images would fall under data protection regulations and may mean that there could be issues if you need to share those images.

We would advise positioning your Wireless WiFi Camera Outdoors carefully so that you can have the peace of mind that comes with an outdoor WiFi camera without impinging on the privacy of others.

Our outdoor WiFi security cameras can be battery or mains power and transmit images over WiFi so can operate completely free of cables. This means that installation could not be easier – simply select the location for your camera and screw them into place. Installing our WiFi cameras outdoors are so easy to put up you will be able to add video security to your home in a matter of minutes.

Our outdoor WiFi security cameras are designed to work using the internet to connect them to your devices. This allows you to view the images from your cameras and receive security alerts through your computer or mobile device.  To use our outdoor security cameras WiFi is required.

Time2 is the company to trust for outdoor security cameras. WiFi enabled and easy to install putting one of our wireless WiFi Cameras outdoors in your garden or by your front door is the best way to monitor what is happening around your home when you are not there.
Having one of our range of WiFi Cameras Outdoors on your property allows you to see who is visiting your home, whether parcels really have been left, and even speak to visitors from wherever you are via your devices. You can also record and review HD footage from your WiFi Security Camera so outdoor space on your property can be thoroughly monitored.
Our wireless WiFi camera for outdoor use is an affordable way to keep an eye on your home when you are not there. So take a look at our outdoor security cameras. WiFi has never been so useful!

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