What To Consider When Buying An Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

What To Consider When Buying An Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

Outdoor WiFi security cameras give you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure whether you’re present at the property or away. Through an intuitive app, you have eyes outside your house 24/7, and that footage is recorded so that you can review it at a later date. If you’re thinking about investing in an outdoor WiFi security camera, consider the following aspects before you make your final buying decision.

Suitable for Outdoor Use

It might sound obvious, but make sure the model you’re buying is suitable for outdoor use. WiFi Outdoor security cameras system are built differently to those intended for indoor use. It’s crucial that they are weatherproof. Quality outdoor security cameras can withstand a range of weather conditions and often come with external casing to add a level of robustness and security. Check that the camera you’re thinking of buying is waterproof, freeze-proof, and dust-proof.

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Wired or Wire-Free

Most outdoor WiFi security cameras connect to the mains, but there are some that run purely on battery power. Wired cameras that connect to the mains don’t require charging or new batteries and can record for 24 hours a day. Battery-operated wire-free cameras offer some flexibility in terms of positioning since they don’t need to be close to a power source but tend to only record for short intervals. There are many wired models that also have a back-up battery to take over in case there is a power cut. Therefore, take this into consideration before you decide which type to get.

Internal or Cloud Storage

There are two main types of storage options for the footage you collect from your security camera: internal and cloud. Before you invest in a camera, weigh up which one will suit you best.


A removable SD card captures and keeps the footage from your camera. This is the cheaper option as the only cost is the initial outlay of buying the SD card. When you choose internal storage your camera “loop records” over the oldest footage, without the need to continuously change or wipe the SD card. All recorded footage is still available on the app to be easily accessed at your convenience. The only downside can occur if the camera is stolen or the SD card is damaged. However, most modern security cameras with SD Card slots are well protected.


Footage stored in the cloud is accessible remotely from any phone or device. This means you will still be able to access it even if the camera itself is stolen from your property. Cloud storage comes with a monthly fee, however, which adds to the cost. The fee varies depending on the provider, how much storage you need, and whether any storage is offered free.


If you already own - or are thinking of owning - other smart products, then you will want to check that they are compatible with your outdoor wireless ip security camera. Some smart systems come with a hub that centralizes control of a wide range of gadgets and devices. If you’re hoping for your camera to fit in with this type of system then take the time to check it is compatible. Your WiFi security camera will also come with an app that needs to be downloaded to your phone or another smart device. While these are usually available for all the major handsets, it’s a good idea to double-check that you can actually download the app onto the specific device you own.

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Quality of Recordings

Any security camera is going to be of limited use if the footage is of such poor quality that you can’t make out what is taking place. At the very least, you want quality recordings that will allow you to see faces clearly. Check the resolution that the camera records in before you commit to a purchase. Ideally, you’ll want recordings that are in full HD to ensure that all footage is discernible.


Before settling on a particular model, think about the types of features you’ll want your outdoor WiFi security camera to have. Some of the most popular and useful features you might want to consider include:

One-way audio recording

If you want to not only see what is happening but also hear what is happening, then look for a camera with an audio function. This is a one-way audio recording and allows you to listen but not to communicate.

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Two-way audio

If you also want to communicate through the camera, then you need a two-way audio feature. This allows your voice to be heard by those in the vicinity of the camera.

Night vision

High-level night vision capabilities are extremely important for any outdoor security camera. Check that your camera will be able to display the same amount of detail at night as it does during the day.

Motion Detection

Motion detector

Motion detectors serve a couple of important functions on outdoor WiFi security cameras. Firstly, you can choose a camera that will only begin recording if it detects motion, which can save time and money in terms of storage. Secondly, you can receive alerts directly to the app if movement triggers the motion detector.

Summary Of What To Consider When Buying An Outdoor WiFi Security Camera

There are a wide range of outdoor WiFi security cameras available, and each will have its relative strengths and weaknesses. As such, when choosing a camera for your home, the main factors to consider are as follows.

  • Is it suitable for outdoor use? Is it weatherproof?
  • What type of storage do you want - internal or cloud?
  • Is it compatible with any other smart products or hubs you have?
  • Is the app compatible and downloadable to your smart phone?
  • Is the resolution high enough to capture high-quality recordings?
  • Does it have all the features you need?

If the camera you’re looking at ticks all the boxes above, then you’ve probably found a winner!

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