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Clan Cloud

Ensure that you don’t miss a thing

Get more out of your latest Clan cameras with the optional Cloud service that stores your camera video footage securely in the cloud, which you can access anytime from anywhere.

Security Cameras

What is Cloud?

Instead of your recorded footage being stored locally on to a Micro SD memory card inside your camera, the Cloud enables recordings to be stored on to our powerful highly secure servers giving you access to your videos via your smartphone or tablet.

Clan Cloud Storage
Clan Cloud Storage

Clan Cloud provides extra security

With your recorded footage being uploaded securely in to the cloud, you can be sure that your videos are safe and accessible even in the event of theft or damage to your camera.

You can easily download and share recorded footage with family and friends or even the police!

The Benefits

Don’t miss a thing

Quickly and easily scan through your entire video history to watch past videos and missed events throughout the day with just one click, from anywhere at any time.

Bank-level encryption

You can be sure that your videos are safe and secure in the cloud with bank-level security encryption on all footage uploaded to the cloud for your privacy.


Share footage easily

Securely download your own footage and share with family & friends in a few simple steps directly from the Clan at Home app

Faster & smoother playback

Our high-performance cloud servers gives you faster access to recorded footage from your cameras and a much smoother viewing experience


Never lose recordings

In the event that there is any damage to your Clan camera, or it has been stolen – you can breathe easy knowing you can still access and download previously recorded footage to share with the police

Choose a plan to suit you

Pick a subscription plan that best suits your needs – choose between recording continuously for up to 30 days or only when movement has been detected so you can catch up on everything that you’ve missed when you’re not there

Choose the right subscription for you

Choose between continuous or event-recording subscription plans for more peace of mind. Easily scroll through your timeline to see what’s been happening and quickly browse missed events throughout the day.

Subscription PlanCost
FREE 30 day Trial
Event recordings for 7 days
7 Day Event
Event recordings for 7 days
14 Day Event
Event recordings for 14 days
30 Day Event
Event recordings for 30 days
7 Day Continuous
Continuous recording for 7 days
14 Day Continuous
Continuous recording for 14 days
30 Day Continuous
Continuous recording for 30 days

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Clan Cloud is an optional subscription service. You can still take full advantage of all the other features our cameras have to offer including live-video with audio, motion & sound alerts, two way talk and recording & playback using a micro SD card.

No. Each subscription runs for 30 days, thereafter you can choose whether or not to renew your subscription or change your subscription to a different plan.

Clan Cloud works on all of our recent Clan Cameras. To check whether your cameras support this service, follow the steps below:

Does my camera work with Clan Cloud

Yes. You can trial Clan Cloud free for 30 days, this gives you access to 7 days’ worth of event recordings. See below how to try before you buy:

Clan Cloud Storage

Firstly, you will need to ensure the cameras have been set up successfully on the Clan at Home app then follow the steps below:

Clan Cloud Storage

Recorded footage is stored in the cloud between 7 and 30 days depending on your subscription plan. To permanently save any specific footage beyond that time, you are able to download it on to your Smartphone or Tablet.

To check how long you have left on your subscription plan, simply click in to the camera settings, then click Purchase VAS to find the expiration date. You will also receive an App notification to remind you to renew before the subscription expires.

No. Once the subscription runs out after 30 days, you will need to renew the subscription from the App. You will receive an App notification to remind you to renew before the subscription expires. 

If you are currently on a subscription plan, you will need to wait until the end of the plan to be able upgrade or downgrade to another subscription plan.

No. At the moment, each camera requires an individual subscription, however we are looking at releasing a multi-package soon.

No. You are able to share the camera with as many friends and family as you want, they can all access Clan Cloud recordings with no additional costs.