6 Things you need to consider when buying an outdoor security camera

There are a lot of security cameras on the market today. They are not all created equal. When you start shopping for the best UK wireless outdoor security cameras, you should consider a variety of things. These can include power sources, monitoring costs, compatibility with smart devices and much more. It may seem overwhelming, so we are here to help.

Let's talk below about what you should think about as you begin shopping and some products available for affordable and quality home security monitoring. This list below will help you get started on your journey of finding the right system that fits your needs, budget and style.

Battery Powered vs. Hardwired

This is an important one because each has pros and cons. With a hardwired system, you never have to think about charging a battery. This is especially true if the camera will be located somewhere high, which may mean you need to get on a ladder every time it needs to be charged. Luckily, many on the market, like the Ava Battery Powered Outdoor WiFi Security Camera from Time2, have a battery life of up to 4 months based on 10 events per day. A battery-powered camera can also be placed almost anywhere and can be an excellent option for renters. If you choose a hardwired system, it is recommended that you have a professional electrician install it. Hardwired vs. battery-powered is a choice you should make based on location and ease of installation.

Subscription vs. no monthly costs

Many of the more-known cameras on the market require subscription services for full access to the features on their cameras. This may come with perks like the ability to go back and see recorded footage easily and access it from your smartphone. If you are away from home a lot or tend to get a lot of packages you want to be able to track, this can be a handy feature worth the subscription fee. Time2 allows you to view recorded footage anywhere with either cloud or SD storage, so if you'd prefer a one-time purchase storage solution you still get the perks of checking your footage from your smartphone. If you want to monitor activity in your backyard for example, then a camera such as the Oscar2 Outdoor WiFi Security Camera from Time2 is a perfect option. It has on-demand full HD live footage with instant motion, sound alerts and two-way audio. If needed in the event of an intrusion, storage on a Micro SD card is one option or access through Cloud storage is also available. With a range of different subscription plans for you to choose from including a free-30-day trial to get you started. With both options available here, it's nice to know a subscription isn't a necessity to use your cameras.

Home Automation vs. Stand-Alone Systems

When shopping for a camera, an important feature to consider is whether you want it to work harmoniously with your other smart devices in your home. This is a good, streamlined way to manage your camera and is preferred by a lot of homeowners. If you use a Google Nest or Amazon Echo you will want to determine if the camera you choose is compatible. All cameras from Time2, like the Luna Outdoor WiFi Floodlight Security Camera, are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and the Clan at Home app and can seamlessly integrate into their us

Full-home systems vs. Security cameras alone

For apartment dwellers or those who live in rural areas, a singular camera or two on the outside of your home may be enough to give you peace of mind that your home is safe. If you are looking for security cameras for a business or a home in a more populated urban area, you may want an alarm system or video doorbell to work alongside your cameras. When that is the case, you will want to look for a camera from a company that also makes other products that can work seamlessly from the same system. Time2 offers the Bella Smart Video Doorbell and Noah Home Alarm Kits. These can be combined to ensure your home is safe from burglars, smoke, water leaks, gas leaks and other threats. They are easy to install and pet-friendly, so your animal companion won't accidentally set off the alarm.

Discreet vs. Noticeable

Most cameras today are much smaller and more discreet than they used to be back in the day when it looked like you had a mini camcorder mounted to the corner of your home. Still, some outdoor surveillance cameras are more noticeable than others. This is something you should keep in mind when shopping. If you want it to be clear to potential intruders that they're being watched, opt for larger cameras or ones that have very visible lights of red or blue colour. If you'd prefer the blend in more with your aesthetic, choose cameras smaller in size and less obvious to the naked eye.

The Best of Both Worlds

The wonderful thing about outdoor surveillance cameras is that you can always change your mind and add more cameras or an expanded system. If you are just starting with cameras there is no need to feel intimidated or that you need to make a significant investment, to begin with. Time2 is excellent for this because you cant start with one of the wireless cameras on your home and then upgrade to a hardwired and a complete alarm system over time. Whichever you choose, you are going to feel much more relaxed and at ease knowing your home and property are protected. With options that include systems with backup batteries during power outages and zone control features like the noah, to the weatherproof Oscar2 that protects your home no matter if it is raining and sunny, you get the best of both worlds.

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