Outdoor Floodlight Security Cameras

Illuminate your property and deter any unwanted visitors with the bright LED floodlight and capture clear HD footage

Outdoor Floodlight Security Cameras

Illuminate your UK home and deter criminals with the bright LED Smart Floodlight with Security Camera. The Floodlight CCTV Cameras also have a built-in siren. Read More...

An outdoor floodlight can make life so much easier, illuminating your way out to the bins on a winter’s evening or letting you see whether that noise you just heard was a burglar or just next door’s cat. An outdoor floodlight that is motion sensitive is more useful still, because you never have to scramble for the light switch. An outdoor floodlight security camera adds another layer of protection, enabling you view and record images of who is coming on to your property. Make that floodlight security camera WiFi enabled and you can check on what the camera is seeing remotely through your smart device wherever you are, and the motion sensor can alert you to the presence of a visitor by sending a notification to your phone.

Our smart floodlight with camera is perfect for exterior areas such as your driveway or garden. She’s a great deterrent against unwanted visitors. When the CCTV Floodlight Camera detects movement, the floodlight can be set to automatically turn on and send you an instant notification sent straight to your smartphone or tablet. You can then not only see what is going on, but you can also speak directly to whoever is there via the integrated speaker, and if need be activate a 120dB siren alarm to scare away intruders and alert the neighbours.

This Smart Outdoor Security Camera with Integrated Floodlight is packed with features including 24/7 live footage, recording and playback in full HD, two way audio, siren and a 135° field of view ensuring you never miss a thing. The CCTV floodlight camera also features a customisable “activity zone”, allowing it to ignore movement in areas that are not of interest, meaning that you need not be alerted to people passing by on the pavement, for example. If that were not impressive enough our LED Floodlight With PIR And Camera now has “human detection capability” which allows it to distinguish between a person coming onto your property and next door’s cat, further cutting down on false alarms.

Because our Floodlight Security Camera is WiFi enabled it is, in common with all of our smart devices, compatible with Alexa and Google assistant. This means that your smart outdoor security camera with integrated floodlight can be connected to all of your compatible smart home devices, offering more ways to access the footage from your Outdoor Floodlight Security Camera, while our “multi camera view” option means that if you have more than one Smart Floodlight with Camera you can view footage from up to four cameras at the same time on one screen.


And because your smart Outdoor Security Camera with Integrated Floodlight is using your existing internet connection no subscriptions are required.


Our LED Floodlight With PIR And Camera is powered by the UK standard 240 volt mains electricity supply. Professional installation is recommended. For a simpler, battery powered solution to home monitoring you might consider our Doorbell With Camera and Speaker, which packs fewer features than the Smart Floodlight With Camera but does not require mains power and does not require professional installation.

The smart LED Floodlight with PIR And Camera is equipped with a PIR motion sensor and so only records when there is something to see. A 128mb memory card can store up to six months of such motion activated recordings in your Outdoor Floodlight Security Camera, or if you prefer you can use the Clan Cloud storage system and store the footage from your Smart Outdoor Security Camera With Integrated Floodlight securely online.

To make full use of the features of our Floodlight Security Camera WiFi is required. The PIR motion sensor will be able to activate the floodlights and record to a memory card if the WiFi is down, but the internet based features, such as alerts to your phone and live streaming of footage from your Outdoor Floodlight Security Camera would be unavailable.

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