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Noah Smart Home Alarm Starter Kit - 5 Piece

Noah Smart Home Alarm Starter Kit - 5 Piece

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Limited Time Deal!

Protect and monitor your home and family from anywhere with the Noah Smart Home Alarm System. With the easy-to-set-up system, you can receive instant alerts on the Clan at Home app when a sensor has been triggered.

What’s included:

  • 1 Noah Smart Hub with built-in touch pad, SOS button and 90db Siren
  • 1 Remote Control to arm/disarm the alarm and with a built in SOS button
  • 1 Door/Window Sensor
  • 1 PIR Motion Sensor
  • 1 Window Sticker

Add more sensors, security cameras and accessories to protect your home against burglars, smoke, water leaks, gas leaks and much more.

Other incredible features include:

  • With the zone control feature, you can disarm the alarm in just part of the house
  • You can set up automations like, turn alarm on at 10am
  • There are multiple arm/disarm options
  • The alarm comes with an 8 hour backup battery in case of a power outage
  • No ongoing monthly costs
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home



Box Contents 1 Noah Smart Hub with built-in touch Keypad and Siren
1 Door/Window Sensor
1 PIR Motion Sensor
1 Remote Control
1 Window Sticker
Power Noah Hub: 100-240V 50/60Hz AC adapter and built-in back-up battery
Door + Window Sensor: DC 1.5V/AA battery
Motion Sensor: DC 3V/2pcs AA batteries
Remote Control: DC 3V (CR2032 button cell battery)
Built-in Siren 90 decibels on Noah Hub
Connectivity Wi-Fi, RF (Radio Frequency) technology
Setup Requirements Time2 Noah Hub (sold with Noah Starter Kit)
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Clan at Home App

Noah Hub: Wall mount with quick-release bracket or place on any flat surface
Door + Window Sensor: Mount to door or window frames
Motion Sensor: Mount to room corners or flat walls

Dimensions Noah Hub: 9cm x 9cm x 2.5cm
Door + Window Sensor: 9cm x 2.1cm x 1.7cm
Motion Sensor: 9cm x 5.2cm x 3.6cm
Remote Control: 7cm x 3.5cm x 1.2cm



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  • Battery Backup

  • 90db Siren

  • SOS Panic Button

  • Instant Alerts

  • Add More Accessories

  • Tamper Alarm

Meet Noah

The Hub is your own personal bodyguard, featuring a built-in touch keypad and 90db siren - so if someone tries to break in, the Hub sends you an instant alert and sounds a loud alarm.

Connect the Hub to Wi-Fi then place anywhere in the home - connected by mains power with a built-in back-up battery that lasts for up to 8 hours in case of a power cut.

The Hub also has a built-in SOS panic button in case of emergencies, so you can immediately trigger the alarm and send instant alerts to your Clan family.

Sensors & Accessories

Door + Window Sensor

Installed on to doors or windows. Receive instant alerts when opened, triggering the siren. Worried if you've left a door or window open? Check instantly using the app.

Motion Sensor

With a 110 ° detection area and 30 feet distance, the sensor sends instant alerts and triggers the alarm when movement has been detected in your home.

Remote Control

Lightweight and compact - fits easily onto your keychain or pocket. Arm, disarm or put Noah in home mode. In case of emergencies, press the SOS alarm to immediately trigger the alarm and send instant alerts to your Clan family.

Safer Home, a Smarter Way

You can customize your Home Security Sensor System to suit your needs. No DIY expertise required - simply plug the Noah hub in to power, set up your Clan at Home account on the App and install the sensors. Quick and simple to set up, everything you need is included in the box.

With self-monitoring, there are no additional fees or monthly monitoring costs associated with the Noah House Alarm Systems in the UK.

Control with Clan App

Receive instant alerts on your smartphone or tablet when someone opens a window, enters your home or even arms and disarms Noah, so you’re always in the know.

All your Clan devices are on one app – so you can control and monitor your home easily.

Forgot to arm Noah? No problem, use the Clan app to arm or disarm Noah Smart Home Security Alarm Kit from anywhere, at any time. Alternatively, use the scheduling feature to set Noah according to your daily routine - so even if you forget, Noah doesn’t!

Sorry Intruders! Noah is one step ahead

We have designed Noah to always prepare for the worst - with Tamper Alarms on all of our sensors and accessories, you will receive instant alerts if an intruder attempts to damage it.

Smart Home Security Alarm in the UK have multi-frequency FHSS technology as used in high end alarm systems which makes them less vulnerable to jamming and interference.

We don’t fail you, even if the power does. With back-up batteries on the Noah Hub and Sirens, you’re still protected for up to 8 hours if there is a power outage.

Even if your Wi-Fi is down, your Remote Control Home Alarm System uses radio frequency to continue protecting your home until your Wi-Fi reconnects.

Works with Clan

Noah is part of the Clan so you can add several Clan products to your App for complete home protection, including security cameras, smoke alarms, smart plugs and smart bulbs.

Use the Smart Scenes feature on the App for your Clan products to work together to protect your home

Set your WiFi Bulbs to come on automatically when motion is detected on the Security Cameras or turn on motion alerts on the Security Cameras when Noah is in armed mode.

Peace of mind security night and day.


Is the motion sensor supplied with the Noah “pet friendly”?

We offer 2 motion sensors that can be connected to the Noah hub. The traditional motion sensor which can be placed up in the corners of a room and a door/window sensor with a built in pet friendly motion sensor.

We have offered a pet friendly version for all the bundles we have to offer. If you require more pet friendly motion sensors you can find them here.

Can I make changes to the Noah bundle?

The bundles available cannot be adjusted however you can add to your system. You can find additional sensors here.

Does the hub and sensors need to be connected to the WiFi?

Only the Noah hub will need to be connected to an internet source. All the sensors connect to the hub over a radio frequency.

This allows the system to remain active and trigger the alarm if you find your WiFi has gone down.

Can the system be part set so that the alarm can monitor the property when part of the house is occupied?

You can set each sensor into a different zone to allow you to arm certain parts of the house. So for example when everyone goes to bed only the sensors downstairs will remain active whilst the sensors upstairs will be disabled.

How far can the sensors be placed from the Noah Hub?

The sensors can connect within 30 metres of the hub. This is a direct connection and will be reduced if the connection is going through a wall.

We do offer a range extender should you need to place sensors outside of this range, click here.

Does the Noah hub require power at all times?

Yes, the Noah hub will need to be plugged into power at all times and you are provided with the cable for this.

It also comes with an 8 hour back up battery should you experience a power cut.

Does the alarm system keep an event log of who is coming and going?

Yes, you can view a historical event log in the messages section of the app. You can also receive alerts of who has activated or deactivated Noah to your phone/tablet.

How many sensors does the alarm system support?

The Noah hub can support up to 40 individual sensors which can all be controlled using the Clan At Home app.

Noah Smart UK Home Security Alarm System – 5 piece

How are Noah smart home alarm systems in the UK different from other alarm systems?

Most UK homes have basic built-in alarm systems that you have to manually turn on and off, and if you are away from home when the alarm goes off you have no way of knowing. With Noah Smart Home Alarm Systems in the UK, you can switch your alarm off and on from your smartphone no matter where you are and if the alarm goes off then you can get a notification straight to your mobile.

How does the Noah smart home security alarm work in the UK?

Noah smart home security alarms in the UK come with a hub, you then have accessories, like the motion detectors that connect to the hub, they all work together via the Clan at Home app on your mobile phone.

The Time2 UK Smart Home Security Alarm Systems will allow you to protect and monitor all that you love and value, even if you’re not at home via your smartphone.