What are the Pros and Cons of Baby Monitor Security Cameras?

What are the Pros and Cons of Baby Monitor Security Cameras?

When you are preparing for a new arrival, it can be overwhelming getting all the necessities together – especially in this modern age of technology. It seems like the list goes on – nappies, prams, car seat, bedroom furniture, and a smart baby monitor camera? Whilst many people will offer advice about sleeping habits, car seats and the basics, many mothers may be wondering what gadgets and technology are worth investing in. Do you want to upgrade your remote home alarm system to ensure that you and your family have the ultimate protection? Should you invest in a baby monitor security camera instead of a standard baby monitor? We are going to look at the pros and cons of a smart baby monitor camera to see if it is worth the extra expense.

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You can see what your baby is doing, not just hear

This is the obvious benefit of a baby monitor security camera, but you can see what your baby is doing. Standard baby monitors can emit all sorts of strange noises, from interference to your baby simply turning over in their sleep. This usually means that you want a quick check to make sure that everything is okay, which could end up waking your baby up. With a smart baby monitor camera, you can see if your baby needs your help, or if it is just some interference, without opening the bedroom door and turning on the light.

You can check on your baby easily

If you are an anxious parent, then you can be reassured of your baby’s safety with one click rather than risking disturbing their sleep routine. You can do multiple checks on your baby via the smart baby monitor camera without having to worry about waking them up. This peace of mind can be invaluable when you have a baby, and you don’t need to hesitate to check on them whenever you want.

You can see if they are really sleeping

A baby monitor security camera isn’t just for new-borns. As your children get older, other parents will tell you that they tend to play up as it gets to nap time or bedtime. They may settle down quickly enough, but soon you end up hearing the creak of the floor as they get up to carry on playing! By using a smart baby monitor camera, you can check on them as soon as you hear the slightest noise and get them back into bed and settled before they know what has happened. Many baby monitor security cameras also have motion or temperature sensors, so you don’t even need to be keeping a close eye on the monitor to know if they have got out of bed.

Good for sleep training

If you have chosen to sleep train your baby, then a smart baby monitor camera can be an invaluable piece of kit to have. You can keep an eye on the camera to see if your baby needs your attention or if they are just crying. This stage can be tough, and most of the time your child is okay and just trying to get out of nap time. But with the help of a baby monitor security camera, you don’t need to risk setting their sleep training back by peeking through the door.

Good for parents who work different hours

With a smart baby monitor camera, you may be able to access through the Wi-Fi (depending on which model you get.) This is perfect for those parents who work at different hours or on shifts, as you will be able to check in on your baby even when you are working so you don’t miss out on precious moments.

Eases anxiety and helps with your own sleeping

Every parent knows that you can only really relax once your little one has gone to sleep for the night and you can recharge your own batteries. By using a smart baby monitor camera, you can have more peace of mind than having a standard baby monitor, as you don’t need to worry about interference. The alarms and sensors will be able to let you know if your baby is awake, and all you need to do is keep the monitor by your bed to check. No more getting up in the middle of the night to ease your own worries, a video baby monitor will help you look out for your child from the comfort of your own bed – and every parent will tell you what a difference a good night’s sleep has for both you and your baby!

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Can cause anxiety

Watching your baby sleeping on the monitor can become a little addictive, and this could lead to anxiety. However, the same can apply to a standard audio monitor – most parents are always tuned into the background white noise to listen for their baby stirring. The upside to a smart baby monitor camera is the motion sensors, which means you don’t have to be staring at the screen to see if your child is awake or they need your attention.

Extra wires

Many parents worry that a baby monitor security camera will mean more loose wires in the baby’s nursery. You do need to make sure that you have the wire and camera secured before leaving your baby alone in the room with it, but if done correctly there will be no chance of your baby knocking it over or getting their hands on it.

False sense of security

Having a video baby monitor could create a sense of false security, and you could end up checking the video rather than physically checking in on your baby. It is important to remember that while a baby monitor security camera can give you more freedom and peace of mind whilst your baby is sleeping, it is still important to go and check your baby in person

Smart Video Baby Monitor

Overall, a smart baby monitor camera is a handy piece of kit to have – especially if you are sleep training or are an anxious parent. The pros massively outweigh the cons and ultimately, they give you more reassurance and freedom than a standard audio baby monitor. However, if you want one with all the latest features such as motion and temperature sensors, they can set you back more than a regular baby monitor. If you cannot afford to invest, then don’t worry! Here at Time2 we have lots of different options for all kinds of budgets. From remote home alarm systems right through to smart baby monitor cameras, our wide range of home technology is online now to browse. Get in touch today for more information!

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