Remote Home Alarm Systems

Protect and monitor your home in minutes with the Noah Home Alarm System. So simple anyone can set it up.

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Remote Home Alarm Systems

Your home is your fortress. It is critical to secure it from all forms of intrusions. The risks you are likely to deal with include thieves, damaged water pipes, gas leaks, and fires. To be safe, you need to be in control at all times. You need to secure all your rooms, windows, and doors with an excellent Remote Control Home Alarm System. At time2 technology, we have products that can help you to protect your home against burglars, fire, water damage, and more. Purchase Affordable home security systems that you can set up yourself with no monthly costs or contract. Read More...

Our Remote Home Alarm Systems keep you safe at all times. Whether you’re away from home, enjoying your holiday, or fast asleep in bed, our Alarm Systems will always be awake protecting your home, valuables, and loved ones. We are here to ensure you can safeguard your property and that you don’t feel uncomfortable at any point.

Secure every room, window and door with remote control home alarm systems. Protect your UK home from unwanted guests with a Noah Smart Home Alarm Kit.

We design our Remote Home Alarm Systems with your convenience in mind. Our products have simple designs and are easy to use. You can complete the installation process within a few minutes. Besides, you don’t incur any monthly payments to keep your home safe.
It doesn’t matter your location, what you are doing, or time. Our system helps you on a 24-hour basis. Whether you are handling work-related commitments, enjoying a memorable holiday destination, or sleeping, you feel safe. You can monitor the Remote Control Home Alarm System from any location.

When it comes to efficiency, you can count on our Remote Home Alarm Systems. You choose when you want to arm or disarm them and you can secure all the areas in and around your home. They include doors, windows, and rooms. All you need is to add sensors in these areas. The system notifies you when an intruder tries to access these locations. Making you feel like you are in a safe environment.
Do you want your trusted friends and relatives to help you to monitor your home? That is possible when you use our Remote Control Home Alarm System. You can share it with other people. If you miss anything, they can always inform you about it.

Do you need more sensors? It is possible to add them to our alarm system. That way, you can secure all sections of your home. With our alarms, you are safe from dangers posed by factors like smoke, gas leaks, and burglary. Time2 is a company that you can count on for all your security needs.

You can also add cameras to your alarm system. That way, if your alarm goes off you can view the live stream and see what is happening in your home. You can take action immediately by warning the intruder. The cameras also help you to collect evidence that you can use to prosecute the intruder. Don’t be worried about your safety when you can use our Home Security Sensor System to secure your property and loved ones.


Yes, all of our products require a strong WiFi connection. If the connection isn’t strong enough you can install a WiFi booster.

Yes. That enables you to receive notifications whenever there is a breach in your home. Regardless of where you are, the alarm system enables you to monitor your home.

At Time2 Technology, we have designed simple alarm systems that are easy to set up in just a few minutes. We provide step-by-step instruction, however, if you need a little extra help our experts are ready to guide you.

Secure every room, window and door with remote control home alarm systems. Protect your UK home from unwanted guests with a Noah Smart Home Alarm Kit.

Once you install the alarm, you can arm and disarm it at your convenience. Whenever there is an intrusion, you are notified. You can add a camera so that you can see what is going on. We have the best alarm systems for you.
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