The different uses of a home security camera system

The different uses of a home security camera system

Home security cameras are becoming more popular as prices drop and specifications increase. The uses for them are more varied and diverse than you might think.

Combining with floodlights

You can combine an outdoor security camera with a floodlight. Many cameras come with night vision capabilities so that you can see intruders, but at night intruders may not be able to see the camera. A system that detects motion then switches on the camera and floodlights, acting as a deterrent to intruders.

Baby monitors

The first cameras that were available for the home were baby monitors, and even today, a home security camera is an ideal way to watch your baby. Some cameras can also transmit sound so that you can hear and talk to your child.

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Teenage watchers

The fear of many parents when they are away, and their teenage children are in charge of the house, is that they will hold wild parties. WiFi security cameras can be used to keep an eye on your home when you are away.

Teenage parties are not the only risk when younger residents are in charge. They can forget to turn off lights and heaters when they go to bed. Your home cameras can spot if this happens.

Elderly watchers

Vulnerable old people like to feel independent and often live alone. If their health is frail, they could be at risk from falling. Installing a wireless IP cam system in their home means that you can make sure they are safe, and call for help if they have fallen.

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Door monitors

Mounting a camera at the door means that you can always see who is ringing the doorbell. You can buy dedicated door monitoring systems for this that have monitoring stations with voice communication, video screens and door unlocking buttons. These can be expensive, so a home camera offers a more affordable alternative.

Pet monitors

If you are curious about what your dog and cats get up to when you are away, install a wireless IP camera in the room when you go out. With an audio-enabled camera, you can communicate with them. There are some systems where a small monitor is hung on the wall at the height of your pet’s head. Your pet can see you on the monitor, and you can talk to them.

Some models even dispense portions of pet food as a treat. If you do not need such an adequate system, a standard WiFi security camera is perfect for monitoring your pets.

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Hidden cameras

In most situations where you are monitoring your family, you want to be open about this and make them aware that there are cameras watching them. To install hidden cameras is a breach of their privacy.

There are situations where you may be able to justify the use of hidden cameras. For example, if your elderly relative has a carer and you suspect that they are being abusive to the elderly person, you could install a hidden home security camera to get evidence of abuse. In any such use, though, we suggest you think hard about this and question the ethics behind it, and ask whether there might be a less intrusive way to resolve the situation.


The smart home

Your security camera system can be part of your smart home. Smart devices are electronic gadgets that can communicate with each other and over the internet. For example, lights and power points can be turned on remotely using a smartphone app.

Your wireless IP cam system can be integrated into the smart home. For example, when you are away, you could use your camera system to see when it gets dark. Your smart home app could then close the curtains, switch on the television and the lights. This will give the impression to potential intruders that you are at home.

You may have left home for a few days and forgotten to switch off some lights. Automated smart home systems enable you to use cameras to spot lights that have been left on so that you can switch the lights off with your smartphone app.


Ghost hunting

If you suspect that your house is haunted, motion sensor cameras can see what is going on. Most likely, the “ghost” is your cat, the wind or a mischievous child, your home camera will record evidence should there be any suspicions of paranormal goings-on.


Deter intruders

Most people use a home camera as security. Outside cameras are a visible deterrent for intruders.

If you are woken up in the middle of the night by a sound downstairs, your camera’s smartphone app can be used to see what is going on downstairs. If it is an intruder, you can call the police, or if it’s the dog knocking something over, you can go back to sleep.

Modern IP cameras are motion and sound activated. If they detect movement or a loud noise, they can send an alert to you so that you can see if it is a false alarm or not.

Cameras do not need light to record images. Night visions systems can take video images when it is dark.


Monitor the garden

Gardeners often find that their plants have been damaged but do not know what has caused this. The most probable culprits are rodents, foxes or pets. These animals are often only active at night. You could sit out all night with a torch to watch for animals, but it is better to set up a security camera with night vision. You can then be warm inside, and the system will alert you to any intruders. You can then establish what creatures are causing the havoc in your garden and take appropriate actions.


Versatility is key

Home security cameras are versatile and have many uses. You can buy them in sets suitable for outside or inside use. Several cameras can monitor entrances, driveways and your living rooms. They provide peace of mind in knowing that your home is protected both while you are in it and when you are away.

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