The cost of a home security camera system

The cost of a home security camera system

Like most technology, the cost of a home security camera varies greatly between manufacturers and the specification of the cameras. The cost is also dependent on the number of cameras you need and whether you install it yourself or not.

How many cameras?

Most homes need cameras in the main rooms and covering the entry and exit points. These will normally be living rooms, hallways, kitchen, landings, front entrance and rear entrance. If you keep a car in the garage, one camera that covers the garage should be considered.

If one camera does not cover the whole area of a room, a swivel camera that rotates can be used to see the whole area. The number of cameras will affect a home security camera system installation cost.

Camera features

You can purchase cheap non-IP cameras, but most people prefer IP cameras because they do not cost significantly more. The advantage of an IP camera is that it can be connected to a home network and the internet. This means intruder alerts can be sent to a smartphone or tablet app over the internet so you can even monitor your home when you are away.

A good camera should have a motion and audio detection system that sends an alert when movement or audio is detected.

A quality home security camera system will use an app for monitoring the cameras. The app should run on Android, Apple tablets and phones and a PC. Normally the software can be downloaded at no extra cost as it is included in the price of the cameras.

The video images should be HD quality with at least a 1280x720 definition so the images are clear. Night vision means, of course, that the cameras can record pictures when it is dark. You need a camera that is reliable, so go for one that includes a long warranty.

Footage Storage

You will need somewhere to store video footage. Standard memory cards such as those used in digital cameras are a cost-effective way of storing images. Choose a camera that records directly to the card. Many models will come with a card and you can buy extra inexpensive memory cards if you want to keep video footage for a long time. Memory cards cameras do not require you to purchase expensive recording equipment. There are systems that store images in the Cloud, but this usually means taking out a monthly subscription for an online storage service.

Some cameras have voice communication systems so that you can talk to people in the house whilst you are away or communicate with your pets.

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Outside mounted cameras need to be weatherproof and resistant to dust or debris blown by the wind. They have to operate in temperatures ranging from below freezing to the temperature of the hottest summer day.
The cost of the cameras

You can purchase indoor cameras with all the above features for less than £46. Outside cameras are a little more expensive as they need to be more rugged than indoor cameras. A good quality outdoor camera can be purchased for around £65.

If you need several cameras lookout for deals where buying a package of more than one camera gives you a discount on the price of the individual cameras.

Installation costs

The home security camera installation cost varies depending on your home set up. A home security installation kit comes with most of what you need to install the system. You can install it yourself or hire a professional installer.

If you choose a wireless camera there should be no installation costs to connect the camera to your home network. The software that comes with the camera will walk you through the set up to connect the camera to your router. If a camera is a long way from the router it may have trouble connecting. A solution for this is a wi-fi extender which boosts the signal from the router. These wi-fi extenders are available for less than £30.

The camera needs to have power. Some are powered by a battery, but this is not recommended. Nobody wants to find the battery has run out of charge before an intruder attempts to enter their home. Whilst the home security camera installation cost may be a little higher, better systems have power leads that connect to the mains electricity supply. For aesthetic reasons, ceiling mounted cameras can have power leads embedded in walls so that they are not visible.

Outside cameras may need an extra power socket installing, but it probably doesn’t matter if the power cables are visible.

It is difficult to be accurate about installation costs without a survey. A company will come to your home to survey the job to provide a quote. The home CCTV installation cost of a UK installer for a basic four-camera system starts from around £200. It should not take more than a day to install most security camera systems, so there should not be much disruption to your home life.

The security camera installation cost if you are doing it yourself is very little for straightforward installations. You may need one or more power extension leads and some raw plugs to fix the cameras to the walls or ceilings. You probably already own a smartphone, tablet or computer so installing the software does not cost anything.

The cost of CCTV systems plus the security cameras installation cost can be several hundred pounds.

Peace of Mind

Make sure there will be enough cameras to cover your home. It is not worth saving money by installing fewer cameras than needed.

Over the last few years, prices have decreased, so that the cost of purchasing and installing home security camera systems is actually lower now than it used to be.

Households that install home security camera systems find the cost is well worth it for the peace of mind in knowing that their home is protected. A visible security camera system will deter most intruders and help keep your home safe and secure.

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