Pros and Cons Of Security Cameras Everyone Should Consider

Pros and Cons Of Security Cameras Everyone Should Consider

While most individuals can immediately tell you the advantages of security cameras, there are disadvantages to them that everyone should be aware of. Before purchasing a security camera or a surveillance system, it is recommended to always consider all the different types of consequences. Here we have some of the pros and cons of security camera, which you should consider before purchasing.  


Security cameras can provide a priceless effect- the feeling of security, safety, and peace of mind. Many consumers have noticed an immediate change in people’s behaviour after placing a camera, whether at work or on private property. Home security cameras may also be one of the most effective tools for crime prevention. Its sheer presence may be enough to deter crime, from large theft to small mischief.

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Its presence at work has also been noted. Whether it’s office supply theft, punctuality, or productivity, cameras have become a tool that workplaces use to encourage and incentivise productivity, reward proper behaviour while deterring unwanted acts. Moreover, since security cameras can maintain records, they also ensure evidence during accident, vandalism, and even harassment.

Many types of security camera come with built-in microphone and audio capabilities. When placed strategically, individuals can also monitor conversations, presentations, arguments, and even plots. Audio in addition to visual evidence can particularly be impactful when dealing with legal cases, especially when studies have shown that eyewitness accounts are heavily distorted and biased.


Amongst all the benefits, there are events and cases where security cameras can create hassle, false sense of security, and bring about undesired attention. Security cameras, especially in professional settings may create distrust, discomfort, and even controversy. In both professional and private settings - inside the home - the issue of ‘invasion of privacy’ is often cited, which can also result in legal cases, especially if cameras are used outside of legal limits and rights - just imagine your guests learning of or by accident locating your hidden security camera.


Security cameras can also provide unreliable information. How? Security cameras, both wireless and wired can be tapped and hacked. In this case, information, and particularly private data, can be collected and used improperly - even may wound up online. The information can even result in false accusations, and leads. Moreover, criminals can even learn of security measures, staff practices, and internal, valuable information, which then may actually aid criminal activity.
In order to choose the right security for you, and ensure proper use and security of your data, contact the Time2 Team for more information.

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