8 facts about surveillance and security cameras in the home

8 facts about surveillance and security cameras in the home

With technology having advanced so quickly in recent years, we have more access to it than ever before. From smart phones to TV and films on demand, to the technology within our cars and now at home, we have the ability to install systems that were previously the reserve of the very wealthy. One such area that has grown in popularity is home security cameras.

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Whether they be outdoor security cameras, indoor security cameras or even dog cameras for in the home, it’s easier than ever to protect your home and your family from malicious intent.

These systems are more efficient than ever before thanks to their superior connectivity – WiFi security cameras and wireless outdoor security cameras are incredibly popular. As they connect wire-lessly to the internet, you can have all your data stored in the cloud, reducing your storage hardware requirements if you so desire.

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Let’s take a look at some key facts about this technology which has become so important in recent years:

  1. Most home security cameras are WiFi-based so you can access your footage from wherever you are in the world through your smartphone or tablet
  2. The quality of CCTV in the home is improving all the time, with digital-based systems far superior to the previous analogue versions and digital continuing to get better
  3. It is estimated that 40% of homeowners have a house alarm system and only 9% have security cameras
  4. Experts estimate that CCTV would prevent up to 67% of burglaries if homeowners had it installed
  5. CCTV isn’t used purely for crime prevention or solution; it is also used to monitor areas – think checking on your baby in another room or even watching your dog camera to see what your beloved companion gets up to during the day home alone
  6. If your home is the subject of a burglary and you don’t put some more robust security measures in place afterwards (such as installing outdoor WiFi cameras), you are more likely to be a target and a victim again at some point in the future
  7. Your home’s security camera footage can be used in court as evidence
  8. The majority of CCTV in the UK is owned by private individuals or companies. The reducing cost of it is one of the reasons these security systems have become so popular in the home

Don’t forget, outdated or poor-quality CCTV cameras in your home will mean it’s unlikely to help capture the culprits of any crime on your property. So take a moment to consider if it’s time you should invest in some technology to protect your home and family.

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Security cameras and all manner of other CCTV systems have proven their worth time and again which is why their use continues to grow in the UK. Not only can they be used to protect your property or business externally, they can also be used inside the home to watch what happens indoors. This might be for a specific job you’re having done, regular staff who come in each week or even to see what your dog gets up to when you’re not home!

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