7 top security tips from time2 for Halloween and the clocks going back

7 top security tips from time2 for Halloween and the clocks going back

With Halloween 2018 on Wednesday 31st October many homeowners will be expecting ghosts, goblins, monsters, clowns and witches at their door over the next few days. With some schools on half-term holidays there’ll be plenty of trick or treaters prowling the streets.  At this time of year it’s crucial you follow our recommended security tips to keep your family and property secure.  Ten years of claims data from Aviva reveals a rise of 150% in damage claims to the home, with damage to cars and car thefts rising by 50% and 20% respectively in the week between Halloween and Bonfire Night (The Telegraph).

With clocks also going back on the weekend the risk of being burgled rises.  After analysing thousands of customer claims since 2013, the insurance company Co-op found that home theft claims jump by 36 per cent in the five months after the clocks go back compared with the five months beforehand.  Thefts from cars also increase by 6 per cent when British Summer Time ends according to the Co-op.

Many homeowners will be leaving their property unattended to attend Halloween parties, leaving their home and property susceptible to crime.  It’s a time when you’ll receive more visitors to your door than any other time of the year, and when wearing a disguise is perfectly normal!

According to the Office of National Statistics there are many deterrents which have helped reduce property crime including:

  • Security camera technology
  • Window locks
  • Light timers/sensors
  • Burglar alarms
  • Double/dead locks

Here are our top 7 security tips for Halloween and the clocks going back.

  1. Buy a time2 outdoor WiFi Security Camera – Of course that would be our first top tip! With instant motion sensor alerts when someone is outside your property, and remote access from your phone, tablet or PC to view live stream, the Time2 outdoor security camera is perfect for checking who is at your door. You can adjust the sensitivity so you don’t get spooked by the neighbour’s cat and set the wifi camera to instantly record when it detects movement. It’s the perfect deterrent to keep your property secure with automatic night vision to protect you day and night.  You may need a security camera pointed at the front door to see who is calling. Goblin or ghoul!outdoor security camera
  2. Keep your doors locked – Because you can expect trick or treaters all night you never know who’s lurking around, especially when there’s no one in. Make sure you’ve locked all your doors and windows including the car and garage. Costumes can easily mask a person’s identity so ensure you’re not giving them an open invite to help themselves to your property.
  3. Smart Lighting – Ensure you’ve got time and ideally motion focused lighting to ensure your driveway is well lit. Motion sensor lighting can be a lot more energy efficient than keeping lights on all night. With a vast array of people expected at your door it’s important you can see who is calling before you open the door. If you’re going away for the holidays you may consider the time2 wifi smart plug socket. You can switch electronic devices on from anywhere in the world using your phone, tablet or PC to ensure your property is well lit giving the impression someone is home.
  4. Avoid lighting candles – Remember safety first. Avoid open flames especially when you may have a Halloween party at yours. It’s much safer to use battery powered or LED candles.


5. Keep pets safe and secure – As you’ll be expecting many visitors to your door it’s important you keep pets and trick or treaters safe by keeping a dog on a leash or somewhere safe. Ensure cats are not scared by frequent visitors. You can even dress your pets up in a Halloween costume so they can join in. Make sure you save a treat for them.

6. Arm your security system – If you’re going out for a Halloween party or away for the school holidays ensure your security system is armed, and your security camera is set to alert you and record when it detects movement. If you’re on the other side of the world you can use your phone to change your wifi camera settings at any time.

7. Report suspicious behaviour – If you think someone is prowling around uninvited or if you detect suspicious behaviour don’t be afraid to report it. The police will have a busy night so ensure it’s worth their time before you dial 999.

Stay safe this Halloween from everyone at time2. We hope it’s full of treats and not as many tricks!

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