5 Tips To Protect Your Home Whilst You’re Travelling On Holiday

5 Tips To Protect Your Home Whilst You’re Travelling On Holiday

A holiday is a precious time where you want to enjoy respite from day-to-day responsibilities. Nothing will impede this more than if you are worrying about the safety of your house and possessions back at home. Ensuring everything is kept secure can be crucial to your peace of mind and fortunately, there are plenty of measures to put in place to safeguard your assets.

1. Protect your car and the exterior of your home with outdoor cameras

home security system

Outdoor cameras affixed to your house can continually monitor the goings on, providing clear imagery of anyone who might feel tempted to approach your property. Wireless security cameras enable internet connectivity which allows you to access the footage from wherever you are in the world. After your house, your car is probably one of the most expensive items in your portfolio. But in spite of this, many of us keep them parked outside rather than in the safety of a garage or behind gates. Furthermore, the exterior of your home is from where an intruder would enter your home.

The mere act of installing visible cameras is usually enough to deter potential criminals from targeting your car and property. Assist this further by adding signs highlighting their usage at your address.

2. Deter intruders with a burglar alarm

home alarm system

The alarm box sitting on an external wall of your house can be a great deterrent to criminals as will the deafening noise if it goes off! Some house alarms can be connected directly to the local police station too meaning they will be deployed when it is triggered in an attempt to catch the culprit.

3. Give the impression of occupancy with smart bulbs and plug

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A range of smart products is available to facilitate your home security by way of bulbs and plugs and so on. These handy items allow you to set lights to go on and off at certain times to make it appear as if your home is still occupied. They can be used in bedrooms, in hallways and even security lights outside if you prefer not to have a motion-sensor one in place. An obviously vacant house is far more likely to be targeted than one that seems as though there are still people there.

4. Capture intruders on film with indoor security cameras

indoor security cameras

Should the unthinkable happen and your home is successfully targeted and thieves get inside, having cameras indoor security cameras will help to identify the perpetrators to the authorities. This will of course help overcome the mental distress caused by the incident but word spreads in the criminal community when a home is not an easy target and as such, yours is likely to be avoided in future.

5. Don’t advertise your absence

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It is always advisable to keep your whereabouts off social media as this is a clear advert to all that your house is unoccupied. Remembering to cancel your milk delivery and having someone check on the place to collect post or bring in any parcels will masque the emptiness a little.

Many of the ways to protect your home of course lie in basic common sense. Ensuring you have secured all doors and windows (preferably with reinforced frames and locks) would be a great barrier to entry of course, as would having a gate in place to stop people coming to the back and potentially more secluded part of your property. The last thing any holidaymakers want is the stress of worrying about their house and possessions whilst they are away. So make sure you put a few simple measures in place and you’ll travel with the peace of mind knowing yours are as safe as houses

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