5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Security Cameras

5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Security Cameras

Whether you have become concerned for your security or you’re creating a smart home setup and you want to add cameras, it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that there are a whole host of WIFI-enabled home security cameras out there on the market.

If you’re asking yourself how a home security system could benefit you, check out our list of 5 reasons why you should consider adding them to your home.

Cameras for Security

When it comes to cameras, you have a few options, Indoor security cameras with WIFI and outside cameras with WIFI or have their internet connection hard-wired in. You also need to consider whether you want a camera that needs to be plugged into the mains for power, so don’t be confused by any mention of wireless cameras thinking it means WiFi and buys something that requires a battery and recharging.

Why should you use a camera outside?
Having a security camera visibly covering the front and rear of your property will act as a significant deterrent for anyone considering breaking and entering your property, or even just vandalising it. The risk of having been caught on camera and the footage then being passed to the police will put off all but the most hardened criminals.

High-quality outdoor CCTV cameras are affordable, easy to install, and designed to handle the worst of the UK weather. Most come with built-in infrared night vision to ensure you have 24-hour coverage to give you peace of mind.

Just remember, if recording outside, to only record on your own property. If your recordings extend beyond your border, make sure to check out our article on security cameras and data protection to ensure you don’t break the law.

What about Indoor cameras?

You will want to balance your privacy versus security when considering indoor home security cameras with WIFI. They may capture moments not intended for external viewing, so it is worth considering if you want a camera that has a privacy mode option so that you can easily switch it off and on from your smartphone.

When considering the placement of internal cameras, if the purpose is for security, we would suggest using cameras for high-traffic areas, such as covering your main hallway and the front and back doors to your home. As most modern cameras can detect motion, they can be tied into a House Safety Alarm System. Get a camera with an App and you will be alerted on your phone whenever motion is detected.

Interact with visitors to your door, without being there.

If you are fed up with delivery drivers that barely touch your door, unwanted visitors or you are frequently not at home when callers come knocking, a camera with two-way audio might be a great addition to your home. Many outdoor cameras allow two-way conversations via the camera, as well as recording HD video. Combined with motion detection notifications via apps on your phone, you will be alerted as soon as someone enters the area covered by your camera. That way, you can instruct a delivery driver where to leave a parcel, tell unwanted salesmen to go away and ask your friends to wait just a few minutes while you get home from the corner shop.

There is also the safety aspect of being able to see and hear whoever is waiting for you on your doorstep, allowing you to speak to them. This can allow you to send scammers and thieves scurrying away, ask salespeople to leave your property and so on.

Looking after your pets

Cameras in areas of the house where your pets spend most of their time can have several benefits. Does your pet miss you? How can you tell that your pet is not eating properly? Here are some great reasons to consider installing a security camera to monitor your pets.

Observing remotely

It might seem obvious, but if you set up a camera to watch what your pet gets up to when you’re away, you might become aware of behaviours that you did not know before. A camera might explain why certain items keep getting knocked over, or how long after leaving the house those ‘little accidents’ keep happening.

Catching negative behaviour before it develops further can create a better bond and a happier pet.

Health monitoring

For some, pets are like family and their health is a top priority. Of course, pets cannot talk to us and Many health issues aren’t discovered until it’s too late. But with a camera watchin them, it can become a lot easier to notice if your pet has become lethargic, resistant to food, or otherwise sick. Because you have the luxury of being able to watch back the footage without disturbing your pet, you might notice patterns of activity that you would otherwise be utterly unaware of.

Increased interaction
For those that are worried that your pet will miss you, using a WIFI-enabled home security camera will let you speak to your pet whilst at work and you’ll be able to hear if they excitedly respond. Just the sound of your voice might be enough to dispel any anxiety or depression in your pet, a particular problem for lonely dogs.

Baby monitors and monitoring older children

Why would a security camera be good as a baby monitor? Modern security cameras simply outclass older baby monitors in many ways. Whilst they do not come with lullaby functions or lights, they do come at affordable prices and with high-definition day and night mode video, along with either onboard or cloud-based storage to allow you to review clips days or weeks later. This makes them great for monitoring your newest additions to the family, both in real-time and for playback.

As well as babies, parents might find a need to monitor older children in their sleep, for example, if they are attempting to gather evidence of night-time epileptic seizures, parasomnia or breathing-related problems.

Having a WIFI home security camera in the house will also enable you to check in at home on those rare moments when you venture out and leave your little ones with a babysitter, adding a little peace of mind and saving the need for regular phone calls to double-check everything is okay.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

In addition to the peace of mind that a camera can provide, there are a number of insurers that will offer discounts on your home insurance premiums if you have a CCTV and House Safety Alarm System set up at your house. They do this because of the reduced risk of burglary at your property, coupled with the fact that evidence will be gathered at the scene that could potentially result in the recovery of any stolen property, thereby reducing the required pay-out from the insurance company.


Whatever your reason for wanting to add CCTV to your property, make sure you thoroughly research the system you are planning to buy and how to use it and try to avoid making any of these Common Security Camera Mistakes.
When it comes to protecting your home and family, look for a reliable brand with a strong suite of products that can suit all your needs, therefore ensuring that everything is compatible and will work as intended with minimal set-up fuss.

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