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Indoor Security Cameras – Time2

Time2’s collection of indoor security cameras have motion and audio detection, live streaming, automatic night vision and many more features to keep your home safe.
Indoor Security Cameras – Time2

Indoor Cameras

Indoor Security Camera

Looking for a way to improve the security within your home? The addition of an indoor security camera from Time2 will help immeasurably.

Our choice of two home security cameras are perfect for indoor use, enabling you to monitor and record events with ease and giving you the peace of mind you deserve - whether you are at home or not!

We offer two different indoor surveillance cameras - say hello to Sophia, and Olivia! These two have two differentiating factors that are important to note while considering which is most suitable for you.

1) Sophia is a fixed camera, meaning it will only ever record from one position, whereas Olivia is a rotating home security camera, offering 355° pan and 90° tilt functions. These can be controlled using your finger on your paired device, giving you the ability to view the whole room.

2) Olivia can be connected to the Clan app. This app creates a network for a range of devices, including outdoor security cameras, smart bulbs and smart plugs (also available on site) to enable you to manage your home security more easily. This app is available on both iOS and Android compatible devices, so you can access your system from wherever you are in the world!

Keep your home secure

Unfortunately, security breaches in the home are very real and can occur due to a number of reasons. An example of this being if an intruder breaches the exterior of your property and manages to get inside, or if an employee you have trusted to do work in your home is arousing suspicion. Either way, the addition of indoor security cameras can not only act as a deterrent but can also help ascertain what crime has been committed and by whom.

The excellent uses of an indoor security camera system don’t just stop there, as they are an extremely useful way of monitoring the activity of a family member – perhaps a young child or a pet. The two fantastic indoor surveillance cameras that we provide here at Time2 Technology come equipped with state of the art motion and sound alerts, so you can receive a rapid response notification if the camera tracks any movement or noise. To do this fully, the camera must be able to see in the night, right? As a result, our products have automatic night vision to help spot any activity in the dark.

If you want to be especially proactive, our indoor home camera systems also give you the ability to remotely confront an intruder, startle a family member or lecture a misbehaving pet with a two-way talk function, giving you more control over your property than ever, even if you are not around in person.

Motion and audio detection are ideal for security purposes as your indoor monitoring camera will notify you when it detects movement or sound, so you don’t need to record every minute. There is also up to 128GB storage available via SD Card so you can store all your recordings for up to 3 weeks without any storage costs.

Keep a constant watchful eye

Both indoor security cameras are HD and WiFi enabled, so you will be granted constant connectivity between the camera and your handheld device. You can gain remote access to view a live stream and record footage whenever you see fit and is most comfortable for you.

Our choice of indoor security cameras are the perfect addition to your home or property, ensuring its surveillance measures are easier to manage than ever before, all whilst improving the safety of you and your family as a result.

If you have any further enquiries about our products, then give us a call on 01254 272688 or email us at [email protected].

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