13 Don'ts of Security Cameras

13 Don'ts of Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great way to deter crimes and watch over our loved ones. While they have proven to be an effective tool, there are various don'ts that you should be aware of to optimize your security camera’s impact. There are various obvious and not so obvious do and don’ts that are definitely worth considering and researching before purchasing and installing a security camera. The following don’ts are mainly about installation, mounting and positioning, however, there are other don’ts which you’ll need to research on your own.

Let’s start:

infographic security camera don'ts


  • This may be an obvious one, but cannot be restated enough: do not use indoor home security cameras outdoors; the results will be poor.
  • Do not make the assumption that wireless cameras are completely wireless. Camera do need to be powered, which means there will be at least one wire that goes into a power source.
  • Do not mount your security cameras in or near direct sunlight.
  • Yet, if you do not have a night vision camera, do not install it in an area that is not well lit at night.  
  • Do not install cameras without informing your employees, neighbours, the public or loved ones. The easiest route to take is a well-designed sign.
  • There are times that making your security surveillance obvious or noticeable may be advantageous, but for most part, do not place cameras in an easily spotted area.  
  • Do not use substandard or weak mounting - this will weaken performance, safety, and increase chances of theft.
  • Do not; yes, do not attach your camera to a gutter. This may sound funny, but it has been done before.
  • Another obvious one but one that can be easily overlooked - do not place the camera where there may be obstructions.
  • On an incredibly important note; do not leave wires exposed. Exposed wired may lead to hacking, or intentional or unintentional damages to your camera.
  • Do not place your camera in an area where it will be completely exposed to the weather.
  • Do not place your camera where it will be easily accessible or within reach. This is a great way to have your camera stolen, disabled or hacked with. Mount your camera high up, yet as we mentioned above, in an area where it won’t be completely exposed to the weather.
  • Do not merely place your camera viewing your front door - unless you do not have a back door or other vulnerable places of entry. Think about sliding doors, basement doors, windows and so on.


And, there you have it, the simple 13 don’ts of security cameras. As I mentioned before, there are hundreds of others. Take note, be vigilant, and keep safe!

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