Security Camera Bundles

CCTV cameras from Time2 are designed with security in mind and are a vital way of protecting your property day and night. View our range now.

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Security Camera Bundles

We are all keen to protect our homes and the people in them, right? Well doing so is easier than ever, with the impressive range of CCTV systems available from Time2. The go to way of alerting you of an intruder has previously been a house alarm, which has been in use for many years, but CCTV cameras for home use are becoming increasingly popular. This is largely thanks to the range of additional benefits they offer, as well as easy CCTV installation and management. It has also been proven that the addition of outdoor security cameras for your home acts as a key deterrent to potential intruders. These bundles have been assembled with your safety at the forefront at all times and feature different products to ensure your security system protects your home as it should. Read More...

Flawless features

The outdoor WiFi cameras we provide at Time2 have automatic night vision, so you are easily able to identify anyone intruding on your property at night time, the most common time for break ins to take place. Equipped with the IR Cut feature, this level of night vision gives your CCTV camera the ability to monitor your grounds even in complete darkness, so you have all bases covered, 24 hours a day. These outdoor surveillance cameras are also weatherproof, so they are suitable for all kinds of changing conditions, which is a necessity with the UK climate!

Home CCTV is also an extremely powerful tool inside your property too. Not only will it deter anyone working on your premises from any untoward activity, but it also allows you to monitor children and pets who might perhaps need that extra supervision.

Indoor security cameras offer a range of functionality, so you can monitor inside your house at all times. They include features such as a rotating camera, allowing you to pan to different parts of the room that are perhaps unreachable with a fixed camera. Some of these can be pre-set too, so if you have a pet that always targets the same part of your furniture, you are able to easily see what is going on! Cameras also have a two way talk function, which is a great way to interact with unexpected visitors to your home. Or you can use this feature to reprimand said pet, to stop it from causing more damage.

A home security camera that is situated either inside or outside of the property is very easy to set up, and now comes with the ultimate level of connectively. This is through the FREE Clan app, which is compatible for both iOS and Android devices. This app lets you login to your home CCTV cameras remotely, so you can record and view footage at your discretion, as well as manage settings, change the position of the camera and even set up alerts for when motion is detected, so you can immediately check what is going on.

The Clan app has other compatible products in order to create a robust security system for your home, including house alarm systems and smart bulbs and plugs, so you can always stay connected and in control.

So, why not take a look through our bundles above, so you can find a combination of products that perfectly suits your needs. If you have any questions about our service, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team today. You can contact us via telephone on 01254 272688 or email us at and we will reply as soon as we can.

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