Baby Monitors - Two Way Talk Back Cameras

You can’t sit at your baby’s bedside all the time but with Time2 you can keep a reassuring eye and ear on your little one and talk to them no matter where you are. You can also receive instant alerts if your baby coughs or cries.

Baby Monitors – Two Way Talk Cameras

Buy Baby Monitors cameras that feature a two way talk back, motion & sound detection, built-in night light, 24/7 on-demand full HD live footage and night vision.


Our 2 way baby monitor allows you to keep a watchful eye on your little ones wherever you are. Talk to them through the two-way talk function to lend them a reasurring word at bedtime. All functions of the Mia can be accessed through the Clan at Home app, so as long as you have access to your smartphone and an internet connection you’ll always have peace of mind.

Yes, Mia will require a 2.4GHz internet connection to function. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what this, simply contact your internet service provider and they can make sure you’ll be all set when you receive your Mia.

That’s up to you! You can record all of your footage locally on an SD storage card, this requires the one-time purchase of the SD card along with your device. Alternatively, you can opt for Cloud Storage. This is a subscription-based storage service. With a free 30-day trial to get you started Cloud is a great storage option.

The Baby Room Monitor Camera is very easy to set up. Simply place it in a suitable position in your child’s room and connect it to your WiFi. You will then be able to access it from your smart device via the free Clan app.

The 2 Way Baby Monitor only requires a strong 2.4GHz internet connection and mains powering.

The Two Way Baby Monitor can record continuously, it is completely up to you whether or not you want the 2 Way Talk Baby Monitors to record all of the time or just when movement or sound is detected.

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