Baby Monitoring Camera

You can’t sit at your baby’s bedside all the time but with Time2 you can keep a reassuring eye and ear on your little one and talk to them no matter where you are. You can also receive instant alerts if your baby coughs or cries.

Baby Monitors – Two Way Talk Cameras

Are you looking for a 2-way talk Baby Monitor in the UK? Our Mia Baby Monitor Security Camera allows you to keep a reassuring eye and ear on your little one. Read More...

Two way baby monitors allow you to keep a reassuring eye & ear on your little one. Buy baby monitoring cameras with full HD quality footage & night vision at time2.


Our 2 way talk baby monitors allow you to check in on your child though the internet whenever you wish via your smartphone or tablet. The Baby Monitor WiFi Camera boasts a built-in microphone that allows you to receive alerts if your baby cries while the speaker allows you to talk to your baby in real time so that they can be reassured by your voice even if you are far away. This is an internet-enabled Baby Camera with motion sensor which means that you can also receive alerts if your baby is moving around in their cot, so you can have peace of mind wherever you are.

Our baby room monitor cameras are designed to work over the internet using WiFi. They give you the ability to keep an eye on your child from wherever you are but WiFi access is required.

You can use our baby room monitor camera system without any need of a subscription. You can access your child monitor camera through your device, and receive alerts from your Baby Monitor Security Camera whenever you wish via the free to use Clan app. Our 2 way talk baby monitors require no subscriptions and will allow you the peace of mind that comes from being able to check on your little one whenever you wish.

The only additional payment would be if you wanted to save the footage that your Mia Smart Video Baby monitor captures. If this is the case then you will need to either purchase an SD card or sign up to cloud storage. If you decide to go for an SD card, then our 2 way baby monitor is compatible with up to 128GB Memory Cards, an SD card would just be a one-off payment. However, if you opt to use Cloud storage to save the footage from the Two Way Baby Monitor then this is a monthly payment, there is no subscription, you just pay for the months that you want to use it.

The Baby Room Monitor Camera is very easy to set up. Simply place it in a suitable position in your child’s room and connect it to your WiFi. You will then be able to access it from your smart device via the free Clan app.

The 2 Way Baby Monitor only requires a strong 2.4GHz internet connection and mains powering.

The Two Way Baby Monitor can record continuously, it is completely up to you whether or not you want the 2 Way Talk Baby Monitors to record all of the time or just when the Smart Baby Monitor Camera detects sound or movement. However, you can set the Baby Monitor With Movement Sensor to always send you notifications, even if it isn’t set the record continuously.

The 2 Way Talk Baby Monitors work with all of our products, there is no limited to how many of our cameras you have, they can all work together on the same at and you can view multiple cameras at once.

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