Outdoor Wireless CCTV Security Cameras

The Outdoor Wireless Cameras available from Time2 are the perfect way of securing your property from intruders. Take a look at our collection for yourself.

Outdoor Wireless CCTV Security Cameras

Buy Wireless outdoor security cameras to protect your home & office from intruders. Our outdoor Wireless CCTV cameras feature 2-way audio & motion detection with full HD video footage.

We want you to feel safe while you're at home. that's why our wireless outdoor security cameras offer 24/7 full HD live footage so you can monitor your property anytime. A wireless outdoor CCTV camera can offer you that extra layer of comfort at home, our Time2 Oscar and Ava wireless outdoor home security cameras feature infrared night vision so you can monitor your home even in the dark. Our Luna wireless outdoor camera features a floodlight so you can catch any intruders in the act.


With a Time2 outdoor wireless CCTV camera system, you’ll be instantly notified if an outdoor wireless camera detects any movement. With instant motion alerts sent directly to your smartphone through the Clan at Home app.

A wireless outdoor security camera in the UK serves as an excellent deterrent, with two-way talk features you can scare any unwanted guests off.

A wireless security camera in the UK is a smart investment, giving you round-the-clock peace of mind.

We offer top-notch Wireless Outdoor CCTV Cameras. They send immediate notifications to your tablet or smartphone.

The Wireless Outdoor Security Camera works on a 24-hour basis, you never miss any suspicious activity around your home. They are designed with your home security needs in mind. You can place them in any location and use them in any weather condition.

Our Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras have a two-way audio feature. If you want them to leave your property, you can warn them from your side. Alternatively, you can quietly record them and use the clear videos as evidence if you intend to prosecute the intruder.


Wireless Outdoor CCTV Cameras can have a battery life of up to 4 months depending on which camera you go for and what settings you have set.

Please keep in mind that battery Wireless Outdoor Cameras only offer event recording, they do not record continuously.

At Time2 technology, we deal in qualitative Wireless Outdoor CCTV Cameras because we want you to get value.

It doesn’t matter how far your Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras are from your home. You can monitor live streams from any location in the world.

The Wireless Outdoor CCTV Camera needs a strong WiFi signal, the Wireless Outdoor CCTV Camera requires a 2.4GHz frequency.

Depending on the camera we’ve made the set-up process as simple as possible, we recommend a professional installation which cameras such as Luna. We understand things aren’t always straightforward though. If you need any further help with set-up our UK -based customer service team are on hand to guide you through the process.

The Ava is a wireless outdoor security camera that requires no physical connection at all. We would also consider our other outdoor cameras to be wireless too. The Oscar2 for example is powered by the mains, however, it connects to the internet over WiFi which is why we consider this outdoor camera wireless.

Wireless security cameras outdoor in the UK are important for your security and Time2 Technology cares about your security. We offer high-quality security cameras. Our friendly UK-based customer service team are always on hand to offer any assistance needed.

The outdoor CCTV camera that’s wireless also comes with a 12-month warranty.

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