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Mains and Battery Powered Security Camera With Night Vision help to identify potential thieves if a break-in attempt happens at night when they are most common.

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Indoor & Outdoor Night Vision CCTV Security Cameras

Buy indoor or outdoor night vision CCTV security cameras that feature infrared night vision, main & battery powered options, HD quality footage, instant motion & sound detection. Read More...

A break-in is more likely to happen under the cover of darkness. Here at Time2, we’re giving you the means to protect and monitor your property, even at night. Indoor and outdoor CCTV security cameras serve as effective deterrents against any potential burglars.  An outdoor night vision camera can spot a potential intruder before they even enter the property.


Wireless outdoor security cameras make use of infrared lighting technology to detect the presence of intruders (humans and animals). Its superior temperature mechanism helps you to monitor intrusions.

The indoor and outdoor night vision camera has a small LED bulb that enables you to see the infrared footage. An excellent infrared cut filter detects light during the day. Therefore, it prevents additional light from getting to the image sensor at daytime. Consequently, you can see clear images during the day.

At night the infrared LED lights turn on enabling you to see crisp images even in the dark.

The first thing to consider is where you want to place the camera? You should decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor night vision camera, or maybe you need both. In any case, we’ve got you covered. Our cameras offer a list of premium features for affordable prices.
Check out our battery powered security camera with night vision UK to start for some inspiration.

No matter how dark it is our night vision cameras are top quality and allow you to see any intruders. You’ll always have the upper hand, no matter the time.

At Time2, we have assisted clients for years. We have top quality products that you can always rely on. Don’t let intruders frustrate you when we are here. What are the advantages you enjoy when you trust us?

  • High-quality cameras
  • Value for money
  • An expert team
  • You enjoy peace of mind in and around your home

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