Your Home Needs These 5 Security Camera Features

Your Home Needs These 5 Security Camera Features

There are plenty of reasons to want to invest in home security. Perhaps you've recently had a break-in, maybe there's been an increase in anti-social behaviour in your area or you might want that extra peace of mind.

Whatever the reason, you're going to want home security products capable of monitoring your home 24/7 both inside and out. There are hundreds of different products to choose from today so it can be hard to decide which is the best wireless indoor camera or the most effective outdoor surveillance cameras. The fact is, every device offers something different, with a huge range of features on the market today you can equip your home exactly how you want.

We'll be taking a close look at security cameras in this article, and the 5 features you must have to level up your home security.

Crystal Clear Video Quality

Undoubtedly one of the most important features of a security camera. You'll want to see everything that's happening inside your home and out with a clear picture. If you're in a situation where you need to identify intruders in your home, details can be everything when it comes to catching those responsible.

Don't settle for anything less than HD video footage. All time2 security cameras come with the ability to live stream footage at 1080p which means you'll have no trouble at all making out the finer details in your footage.

Opting for at least 1080p is a must-have feature for any home security camera.

App Compatibility

How and where you can access your devices is a hugely important factor. We've seen a move away from traditional CCTV systems which could only be viewed at a monitor within your home. These days, home security cameras have the ability to be accessed from their own associated apps. This gives you the functionality to view live feeds on your phone and utilise all the features that come with the camera from your smartphone.

All of the devices on offer from time2 operate using the Clan at Home app as well as being compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The Clan app allows you to access your devices from your smartphone whenever and wherever you need to, as long as you're connected to the internet.

Not only can you access the device's features from within the app but you can also set up smart home automation. This means that if you have more than one time2 product, you can create 'smart scenes' that allow the products to communicate with each other based on the rules you have set.

To give an example: you could have a time2 Oscar Outdoor Security camera, set up to monitor your property's exterior and a time2 Ella Smart bulb inside your home. Every time your outdoor security camera detects motion you could create a rule for your smart bulb to activate inside your home. This would give the appearance of somebody being at home, even when there's not, serving as a great deterrent.

Instant Alerts

Monitoring the live feed from your camera 24/7 is obviously not feasible. When you're shopping for your home security camera, look out for motion and audio alerts.

These alerts will notify you whenever your camera detects movement or audio and sends a notification directly to your smartphone. This means you'll only need to check your device when prompted and can take action when required.

If you're worried about your phone being continually being spammed with notifications; there's no need. Most cameras will come with the function to adjust the sensitivity of the sensors, so if your camera is notifying you about a tree branch swaying in the wind, you can always turn the sensitivity down.

And a bonus mention: some security cameras will come with human detection as a standard feature. This function will only alert you to the presence of a human, reducing false alarms.

Two-Way Audio

Being able to communicate with whoever is at your property through your security camera can have a few different applications.

For example, with a video doorbell camera, you can speak with whoever is at your door even when you aren't home. Perfect if you love to shop online but find yourself missing deliveries often. Two-way talk-in video doorbells demonstrated their usefulness during the COVID-19 pandemic as they allowed you to answer your door without coming into contact with anyone else.

For security applications, two-way talk allows you to communicate with intruders without putting yourself in harm's way. As a result, you're able to deter the perpetrator before they take any action.

They also come in handy if you're using an indoor security camera for monitoring a vulnerable loved one. You can speak with them over the two-way talk function to provide reassurance that they aren't alone.

Night Vision

An obvious but essential feature of a security camera. Under the cover of darkness, criminals are presented with the opportunity to go unnoticed.

Investing in a security camera with night vision means you can monitor your home night or day so you'll always know what is happening at your home.

You can also catch some pretty cool shots of what happens outside your home at night, you might see what the cat gets up to, or even spot a fox!

WiFi Connectivity

A common question surrounding security cameras today is: "Do you need WiFi to run security cameras?". It's an important question as it is a very common feature of a lot of today's smart home security cameras.

The answer is: yes. Or at least for the most part. Having to connect your security device to your router via ethernet cable would severely restrict where you can place the camera. This is why most devices operate using WiFi so you'll find a wireless indoor camera or outdoor one quite common.

It's worth noting with this feature that most WiFi security cameras operate using 2.4GHz frequency. This allows for lower speeds across greater distances and is therefore quite appropriate for such a device. If you're not sure if your router provides this frequency, check with your internet service provider.

It's worth noting that there are some cameras that operate using mobile data too. So, if WiFi is not something you have at your home, then shop around for one of these cameras.

Many More Features

These are just 5 top features you should consider to be essential when buying a home security camera. There are of course many other features to choose from and these will vary with different retailers.

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