time2 celebrate our medal winners!

When Team GB scooped a phenomenal 67 medals at the Rio 2016 Olympics, we here at time2 were so proud of our country and our team that we simply couldn’t contain our excitement.
We decided to dish out 67 medals of our own, containing one of our best tablets in the UK!

To simply win one of our medals we asked our community on Facebook & Twitter to tell us why they were celebrating by tweeting us a pic or leaving us a Facebook comment with #time2celebrate

We had thousands of entries with lots of amazing reasons to celebrate from passing a driving test to getting some good news from the hospital. From climbing a mountain to baking a tray of delicious fresh cookies we loved reading all your superb reasons to celebrate!


Well done to all our medal winners*-

Connor from Leicester
Ben from Suffolk
Becky from Huddersfield
Rose from Cornwall
Joe Dee from Northants
Erin from London
Sally from Essex
Matthew from Glasgow
Samantha from Derbyshire
Len from Dorset
Jessica from Lancashire
Rossy from Surrey
Teresa from Peterborough
Dave from Lancashire
Toni from West Sussex
Amsin from Surrey
Jo from Peterborough
Angela from Waterlooeville
Sue from Warwick
Alice from North Yorkshire
Rachel from East Sussex
Cheryl from Northamptonshire
Samantha from Wigan
Paul from Norfolk
Lisa from Hertfordshire
Polly from West Sussex
Zoe from Yorkshire
Katie from Nottingham
Nicola from Milnrow
Claire from Tyne-and-wear
Ruth from Durham
Kit from Cornwall
Catherine from Doncaster
Zoe from Devon
Jacqueline from Hampshire
Jill from Isle of Man
Heather-Louise from Liverpool
Mandy from West Midlands
Maggie from Staines-Upon-Thames
Emma from Stoke-on-Trent
Mary from Emsworth
Samantha from Cornwall
Tracey from Armagh
Elizibeth from Chesterfield
Hope from Alvaston
Kate from Worcestershire
Sharon from Milton Keynes
Vee from Cambridge
Amanda from Kent
Mary from Stoke-on-Trent
Laura from Leicester
Ann from Sunderland
Laura from Newcastle
Emma from Stoke-on-Trent
Elzbieta from West Yorkshire
Lynn from Hertfordshire
Julie from Surrey
Rebecca from Manchester
Sue from Devon
Zoe from Swindon
Salley from West Sussex
Vicky from Salford
Hazel from Colchester
Helen from Dorset
Catherine from Rotherham

Thanks to every single person who shared with us your reasons to celebrate. We read every one of them!

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*All winners have been contacted including the remaining 2 winners.

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