Ten steps you should take for National Home Security Month

Ten steps you should take for National Home Security Month

October is National Home Security Month, the aim of which is to make households aware of the best ways to protect their home, as well as the possessions and family members inside them.

There are some key steps you can take to secure your home, and what better time to do them than now? Here are 10 of the most important matters to focus on:

1. Cause for alarms

If your home has no alarm systems, it’s time to install one, and you should also consider getting a new one if you’ve had the same one for many years.

The traditional alarm has flashing lights and a loud sound when triggered. These can deter thieves, but false alarms are so common, they have become widely ignored when they go off. Modern alarms can alert you via a smartphone app and can be combined with a security camera so that users can check if it is a false alarm.

Many alarms have motion detection, but these can be set off by pets or foxes. Pet-friendly alarms can distinguish the difference between a small animal and a person.

You can install an alarm that communicates with an alarm company when set off, or one that communicates with the user via a smartphone or tablet app.

2. Strengthen your locks

Many homes are fitted with locks that are easily broken by a burglar. For example, the average cheap lock on the front door can often be opened using something as everyday as a credit card.

Fit entrance and exit doors with strong locks, and make sure that windows are protected by locks. Consider installing smart door locks that are opened electronically without physical keys.

3. Take care of valuables

Burglars love small valuable items like money, jewellery and watches that can easily be carried away and sold. When out of the home, lock up valuables securely, preferably in a safe. Never leave money lying around the house.

Electrical items like TV’s and computers can be etched with your house number and postcode in invisible ink that is only seen under special lights. This makes them easy to trace if stolen. Laptops and tablets can be remotely locked when stolen, protecting your personal data.

The UK National Property Register is a scheme that can hold your valuable items on its database to make it easier for the police to return stolen property.

4. Install security cameras

One of the best ways to protect your home is with a security camera, and the best brand to deal with here is Time2. Our IP cameras alert you via a smartphone whenever an intruder is detected.

You can mount cameras outside at entrance and exit areas, and inside in the main rooms. Night vision cameras can record at any time of the day, while sound and motion detectors send alerts to your phone.

Inexpensive memory cards record video that can be used as evidence by the police.

The best security camera brand of 2018, available from Time2, can be remotely operated to keep an eye on your property when away. If you record images of people coming to your home, especially if you are operating a home-based business, you need to be aware of the security camera legal requirements and the data protection laws that cover captured images.

5. Use your lights

Security lights with motion sensors are an intruder deterrent, especially if combined with clearly visible outside security cameras. Most burglars will be put off by the lights and security camera, and will move on to more unprotected premises.
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