Do You Need a Smart Home Alarm System?

Do You Need a Smart Home Alarm System?

Smart home alarm systems refer to a group of internet-connected security devices. This typically includes wireless security cameras, motion sensors, sirens, and door locks. With people increasingly upgrading their home security using smart home alarm systems, it begs the question; are they worth it? In this blog we discuss the main features of these systems and why you need one

Noah Home Alarm System

Simple Installation 

Smart home alarm systems are very easy to set up – compared to traditional hard-wired systems especially. They use less wiring and therefore do not always require a professional to complete the installation. As a result of this, significant savings can be made in the process as well thanks to a much lower overall price.

Remote Access Features 

Remote Access

One of the key differences between traditional and smart home alarm systems is their remote functionality. Smart home alarm systems allow homeowners to control their home security from their smart phones. This helps in situations where you may have forgotten to arm your security system. Using your mobile device, you can perform this action even when you are away from the property.

Efficient Controls

If you have both indoor and outdoor sensors, you may wish to control them separately. Using an integrated smartphone application such as Clan at home, you can control sensors as a group or individually. This is perfect for those instances where you may only need external sensors activated. For example, at night when the family is at home. The indoor motion sensors can be switched off whilst external sensors remain active.

Integrating Smart Home Security Cameras

For a complete smart home security experience, you can integrate both indoor and outdoor cameras into your wider system. Smart home security cameras will enable you to better monitor your home. These cameras can work hand-in-hand with your alarm systems for smarter security. For example, Time2Technology’s smart security camera Oscar works with the Noah alarm system to identify when the system has been armed. As a result, Oscar can recognize any suspicious activity and notify the homeowner.

Monitoring Family Members 

Integrating smart home security cameras will also help you keep an eye on your loved ones. This is especially useful for younger children, vulnerable family members, and even pets. It helps to keep them safe whilst you are away. Many smart home security cameras have two-way audio functionality which enables you to communicate with family members when you’re out of the house.

Monitoring Family Members

Smart Alarm Systems Are Proactive

Traditional home alarm systems typically only trigger when break-ins have already occurred. However, smart home alarm systems can detect criminal activity before the fact and notify the homeowner via their smartphone or tablet. This applies to a wide range of situations. For example, you may have left the backdoor open before heading off to work. A door sensor can identify this and relay the information so that you can take necessary action.

Integrating Additional Devices Is Easy 

smart home devices

Once you have installed your smart home alarm system, integrating additional devices is simple. If you wish to add more motion sensors or sirens, they can be set up on the existing system. You can then manage both your existing and new devices centrally from one place.

Why You Need A Smart Home Alarm System 

Smart home alarm systems offer a range of useful benefits over traditional alarm systems. Their advanced technology allows a more proactive approach to safeguarding your home. You can secure your entire property externally and internally including all doors, windows and rooms. Despite their more sophisticated nature, they are incredibly easy to install, use, and integrate with your other devices. That being so, if you are looking to protect your home effectively, smart home alarm systems should be at the top of your list of options.

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