Are House Alarms A Thing Of The Past?

Are House Alarms A Thing Of The Past?

House alarms, believe it or not, have actually been around for over 200 years, since the 1700s! Originally, they were a simple set of chimes linked to a door lock to alert residents if disturbed and were surprisingly effective. Breaches to our security continue to be an issue in the modern world but given the advent of new technology that is always being released, you could be forgiven for thinking the humble house alarm has had its day. However, walking the streets of a residential area, you will still see plenty of tell-tale boxes housing the electrics for the modern alarm system so they must still be effective…right?

Proven effectiveness

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It has been widely proven that a house alarm system WILL indeed deter burglars from breaking into your home. The fact that they will emit such a loud noise and attract attention from neighbours and passers-by is the key reason for this, but also not knowing if they have a direct connection to the local police station. Also, if the criminal is apprehended and charged thanks to people being alerted by the alarm, this will also serve as one of the most effective deterrents to others preventing further attacks. The criminal community talk so they know vulnerable spots as well as where to avoid.

A robust home security system gives the best results

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Recent statistics, however, have shown that if the house has a broader home security system, including more elements (such as outdoor security cameras, lights on a motion sensor, timed lights inside etc) a whopping 60% of burglars would apparently be put off from targeting it! This number is even higher according to The Guardian who spoke to ex-convicts in 2017. The newspaper wanted to get the thieves’ take on successful deterrents and eleven of the 12 questioned said they would be put off targeting a smart, connected home.

After all, why try to steal from somewhere that is well-protected when there will be other houses without all that technology in place? So while a house alarm is a very effective deterrent, this is improved greatly when it forms part of a wider system. This means that if you install the right technology at your property, you will be much more likely to avoid a break in. Your tech should include wireless security cameras (indoor and outdoor for full peace of mind), a visible and functioning house alarm, security lights with motion sensors and timed lights to go on and off inside.

What else can you do to prevent break ins?

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When installing a house alarm, it is imperative you get a working one rather than just a dummy box as skilled thieves will be able to spot the difference easily. Making sure your security cameras are on show is important too – if they can’t be seen, they are not only unlikely to deter anyone but they are also unlikely to capture any criminal activity. A barking dog is another way to put off a thief, as is being a member of the neighbourhood watch and even having a front gate can help! But one thing is for sure; the house alarm still very much has its place in a modern security system so make sure you have one installed.

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