5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Smart Baby Monitor

5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Smart Baby Monitor

Baby monitors have been around since the late 1930s. 1937 to be exact. It was the Zenith Radio Nurse developed by Eugene F. McDonald and designed by Japanese-American product designer and sculptor Isamu Noguchi. They have come a long way from those days. Since the development of wi-fi and ever-evolving smart technology, they can now offer a level of protection, ease of use, and increased information that was never available to our parents before us.

If you are a parent of an infant or toddler, or if you will soon become a parent for the first time, you are sure to have a baby monitor on your list of must-haves. Let’s talk about five reasons to invest in purchasing a smart baby monitor. Hopefully, they will help you begin your search for one that perfectly fits all of your needs.

What is a smart baby monitor?

A smart baby monitor is quickly becoming the standard in modern households with infants and children. Gone are the days of the old-school walkie-talkie-style baby monitors that have audio only. Smart baby monitors help put peace of mind and safety right at your fingertips. With built-in cameras that have motion sensors with full HD and night vision, preprogrammed lullabies, and some with white noise, these wi-fi enabled monitors are the essential addition to your child's nursery, bedroom, or playroom.

There are many models of smart baby monitors on the market. So make sure to make a list of the top ones you are considering and compare features, prices, and, importantly, reviews from other parents. Here are the five reasons you should purchase a smart baby monitor.

1. Check-in on your child remotely

Whether out for an evening while the babysitter is at your home, working a late night at the office, or even just down the hall enjoying a cup of tea or glass of wine after your children have been put to bed, smart baby monitors allow you to check in on your child remotely. The peace of mind that comes from being able to do a quick peek of your little one sleeping when you are away from home or make sure all is well in their room without the possibility of waking them by creeping down the hall and slowly trying to open the door is unmatched.

Every parent needs their nights away or their time off to decompress. Being able to check in on your child remotely using a baby monitor with camera means you can feel a lot less guilt.

2. Control your monitor using your voice & compatible apps

Most homes today are controlling several home appliances, including lights, televisions, and others with compatible devices and apps such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and even Clan. Today's smart baby monitors are designed to be compatible with some if not all of these. That means that you can easily control them using your Google Nest, Amazon Echo, and other hubs available for your home.

It is an important note to check the compatibility of the smart baby monitor you are researching to make sure it works with the preferred platform in your home.

3. Monitor several children all on one device

If you have more than one child at home who are sleeping in separate bedrooms, a set of smart baby monitors can be an excellent investment. From your smartphone or tablet, you can quickly check in on each child without disturbing them and without having to have separate receiving monitors for each room. This is ideal for checking on them remotely. Even when not sleeping, it can be a perfect way to keep an eye on toddlers playing in one room and an infant sleeping in another.

When there are multiple children to keep track of in your home, you will appreciate the extra set of eyes that these baby monitors with camera and app will give you. Parents always were said to have eyes in the back of their head, right?

4. Track your child's sleep activity & patterns

Every parent knows what it feels like to go through the growing pains of getting an infant to sleep through the night and then the struggle of keeping a toddler in bed after storytime is over and they have been tucked in tight. A smart baby monitor camera allows you to track your child's sleep activity and patterns. This can be a helpful way to see what hours your children fall asleep, if they are waking up several times during the night and if they are leaving their bed to play or head back down the hall to your room.

Naptime and bedtime can sometimes be a challenge. A smart baby monitor can allow you and your children to rest a little easier and tackle any sleep problems at the beginning and before they turn into a more significant issue.

5. Use more than one device to monitor your child

With a smart baby monitor and its compatible apps, several devices can be used to monitor your child. This allows mom and dad to stay vigilant or can be an excellent tool for a babysitter at your home to utilize. Maybe grandma and grandpa watch your kids while you are at work during the week. A smart baby monitor makes it easy for every caretaker in the family to monitor your child on their own devices.

It can take a village to raise a child, as has so famously been said. Smart baby monitors can allow a joint effort by your family, babysitters, and partner to make sure your children are safe and sound.

After reading the top five reasons above, you are sure to be ready to purchase a smart baby monitor for your family. With this investment, you will be able to keep an eye on the thing that matters most to you, your children. Whether it is your first child or one of many, a smart baby monitor with camera will quickly become a gadget you can't remember how you lived without.

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