16 Worth Knowing Facts About Security and Surveillance Cameras

16 Worth Knowing Facts About Security and Surveillance Cameras

Security cameras are everywhere, and we often hear that if you want to deter crime and theft, a security camera is a must, but what are the facts behind these statements, and what else do we need to know about security cameras?

Let’s take a look.


  1. Security cameras have been around for longer than we may imagine. Security cameras have been available since 1942, and in use since the 1960s.
  2. The first security camera was installed in Germany on a V2 rocket by an engineering company. Yes, it was used not for crime prevention but to watch the launch of a rocket.  
  3. The security camera was designed and installed by the Germans engineer Walter Bruch.
  4. In 1992, 20 years after Walter Bruch developed the first camera, a security camera made its appearance in Olean, New York, USA. The city installed security cameras in a business district to help fight and deter crime.
  5. The banking industry was the first industry to adapt security cameras - no surprise there!
  6. In 1996, Axis Communications released the first IP camera.  
  7. Today, in UK and US, video surveillance cameras are used ubiquitously, but they are most prevalent in the UK. How prevalent?
  8. UK has 4 million cameras, which equals to 20% of the World’s total surveillance camera installations.
  9. UK hosts one surveillance camera for every 11 people - wow that’s a lot of cameras!
  10. Only 9% of consumers today own a security camera.
  11. Yet, around 67% of burglaries can be deterred by installing a security camera.
  12. Only 3 percent of all crimes in the UK are solved using surveillance systems - don’t mistake this with prevention.
  13. The average citizen appears on a security camera over 300 times a day - If you wonder why, look back at point 9.
  14. Approximately 25 million surveillance cameras are operating around the world.
  15. Many industries use surveillance or security camera systems to monitor areas where it is not safe for humans or entry is not possible - i.e. nuclear power plants and chemical factories - more industries could use this, aka mining.
  16. Criminals also use security cameras. For example near cash machines to record your PIN number and bank information or to monitor behaviour - comings and goings of individuals.

We hope that you found these facts about security cameras interesting. The list of interesting and fascinating facts is, of course, not limited to what we have above.

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