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FREE Olivia Indoor Rotating Camera Worth £47.99 With Every Noah Home Alarm Kit - Promo Code: olivia1 - Ends In
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Noah Home Alarm System Kits

FREE Olivia Indoor Rotating Camera Worth £47.99 With Every Noah Home Alarm Kit - Promo Code: olivia1

Noah Home Alarm System Kits

Noah Home Alarm System Kits

Our range of Noah home alarm system products is designed to keep your home safe and secure. We have bundled them together into a range of kits which are all made to be easy to manage to protect your home from intruders in multiple ways. You will have the ability to protect your home from wherever you are in the world and see who is coming or going at any time. You can be alerted instantly when motion is detected where it shouldn’t be and you can manage it all via your smart phone.

The house alarm systems offered by Noah include different quantities and inclusions and range from the five-piece starter kit to the 17-piece complete kit to cover all your accessible points of entry. The kits include differing combinations of the following products:

  • Noah smart hub with keypad and siren
  • Outdoor siren
  • Outdoor security camera
  • Keypad and fobs
  • Door/window sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Remote control
  • Smart plug
  • Smart bulb

These products all work in partnership to create a robust wireless alarm system. The sirens will act as a key deterrent to intruders and it is proven that a visible house alarm plus an outdoor security camera can be reason enough for your home to escape being targeted. In the event of an attempted burglary, the perpetrator should be identifiable via the CCTV footage captured too. Sensors for doors and windows will cause the alarm to sound and motion sensors alert you to any movement. Smoke detectors will make you aware of any fire risks and the smart plug and bulbs allow appliances such as lamps to come on at set times to give the illusion of someone being in the property.

The features can all be managed in a single app called ‘Clan’ on your iOS or Android smart phone. You can manage your security camera recordings and view what is going on. You can also receive alerts when sensors are triggered or motion is detected. This free app ensures your house alarm and security alarms and systems are future-proofed and efficient in protecting your home. The Noah home alarm system kits are all incredibly easy to install and manage, giving you the peace of mind that your property is fully protected.

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Time2's family of simple yet clever, connected devices includes our Home Alarm System, indoor and outdoor home security cameras, smart bulbs and smart plug. Each works perfectly on its own - and because they're all part of Clan they can also work together, managed by you through the Clan at home app.  

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