How to choose the best android tablet for the family

As summer draws to a close and autumn rears its head, the dark and colder nights makes us retreat to the comfort of our cosy homes. For the next few months, we have to find ways of entertaining the family, indoors. We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to get your tablet ready for autumn, offering advice on the best tablet deals, along with apps, games and other features that will keep you and the family entertained through the cold winter months.

What are the best tablet deals?

During the autumn months, it is important to fill your tablet with features that can keep the family entertained. Most tablets on the market offer various features, with each tablet having advantages over another. For example, while one tablet may have great camera capabilities, an alternative tablet may be better suited for office or professional use. Therefore, the tablet you choose, depends on the requirements of the individual. When choosing a tablet for entertainment purposes, it is important to focus attention on the ones with the most suitable characteristics.

What tablet is best for watching movies?

Of course it goes without saying the tablet you choose should have the ability to connect to the internet. An internet connection is particularly important for those who wish to stream movies and download apps. For those wishing to use their tablet to watch films, play games and load apps, a larger screen with a high resolution, provides the most attractive viewing platform. A tablet for watching movies and playing games means a high memory is also necessary in order to cope with the capacity.

Keeping the children entertained

Apps and games are one of the most common ways of entertaining children in the digital age. Of course, PokemonGo has been one of the most popular apps in summer, but here’s a list of apps that are sure to keep your children happy:

  • Netflix
  • Temple Run
  • Minecraft
  • Angry Birds

What tablet has the best value

Another important consideration when purchasing a tablet is cost. When you are purchasing a tablet, you need to make sure you are receiving the best tablet for the money you are paying, so should therefore shop around. Finding a cheap tablet with the necessary features can be quite difficult, however with a 10 inch screen, 1 GB RAM and ability to stream television programmes, Android Lollipop offers the perfect viewing platform.

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