time2 HSIP2 HD Wireless Surveillance Camera

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  1. "Username or Password incorrect" error message?
    If you're setting the camera up for the first time ensure you leave the password field blank. By "none" we mean leave it blank.
  2. My camera is online but when I remove the Ethernet cable it does not work.
    Have you been through the setup correctly and set the camera to function over WiFi? Download our Quick Setup Guide above and follow it step-by-step.
  3. I am receiving too many alerts via the App.
    Have you checked the alarm settings using the App. You've probably set the camera to alert you if motion or audio is detected. The alerts will be labelled. Check the alarm settings and ensure you've set the alerts as per your requirements.
  4. How do I access my recordings?
    On the mobile App you can find your recordings by clicking on "My Messages" or on "Messages" using the PC App. You will need to set the camera to record if motion/audio is detected or on a schedule. Alternatively you can manually record using the App.
  5. How do I add the camera to another phone or tablet?
    Simply download the App on that device and enter the device name, device id, username and password. You can find your Device ID on the device management section and your username and password in the user settings. Did you know you can view up to 4 cameras at the same time using the App?
  6. Error message "You have no network permission"
    You've most likely changed the account details for both the Administrator and Operator in the user settings. Follow the Quick Setup guide to reset the camera and ensure you only change the password for the Administrator. By changing the operator password it will remove the administrator's permissions to access the settings.
  7. I want to give someone else access to my camera only to view the camera and receive alerts
    In user settings setup create a login under operator. You can then provide these details to a friend or family member who can download the App and use these login details to view the camera.
  8. I thought camera was wireless?
    The term wireless is in terms of WiFi connectivity. The camera is powered by the mains.
  9. How long is the power cable for the camera
    It is 1.5 metres in length but you can buy a 3metre extension cable from our website.

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Time2 HSIP2 Wireless Surveillance Camera

The 720p HD Wireless IP Home Security Camera keeps you connected with your home at any time. It's flexible, allowing you to adjust the IP camera to whatever position you need using your finger or mouse via the app.

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