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The Time2 Mission

What can be more important than creating a secure, happy home where you protect and enrich the lives of those you love?

At Time2 we treasure these values and believe passionately that new technology, accessible to everyone, has the power to enhance all our lives like never before.

New technology means no more worries about the security of your home when you’re away, or about the wellbeing of an elderly relative when you can’t be with them. It means you don’t have to fret that you may have left the iron on, or wish you could do the impossible and be at your baby’s bedside throughout every night.

But new technology is one thing. New technology that’s incredibly easy to use and that everyone can afford to own is quite another.

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Ava Outdoor Battery Powered Security Camera

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Luna Outdoor Floodlight Security Camera

Bella Smart Home Video Doorbell

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