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Smart Fitness Tracker

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Quick Overview

Your personal trainer on your wrist. The smart fitness tracker that motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle. Continuously calculate your heart rate accurately and all your daily activity including calories you’ve burnt, the distance you’ve travelled, steps taken and how well you’ve slept. It detects inactivity and motivates you to workout with daily fitness tips and reminders. Connect with your smartphone to receive instant notifications of incoming calls, SMS, Email, calendar notifications and notifications from all your favourite apps. Share all your data with Apple Health and Google Fit and other services compatible with those platforms. Two interchangeable wristbands included in slate black and slate blue.


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Product Description

The Smart Fitness Tracker

Your personal trainer on your wrist that monitors all your daily activity and motivates you to be more active. Track your steps, distance covered, calories burned, active minutes, sleep pattern and much more throughout the day. It also monitors when you’re stationary with reminders to be more active!

Monitor your heart rate continuously throughout the day with the built-in optical monitor with heart rate guide to monitor your performance.

Receive detailed push notifications straight from your phone for all incoming calls, SMS, emails and notifications from any app on your phone. Customise which notifications you receive.

Slim sensor core nestled in a durable skin irritation free TPU strap for comfortable everyday use. Weighing only 16 grams you’ll forget it’s there! Includes two interchangeable straps in black and Slate green.

Set up

Quick hassle free connection with a simple 3 step process. Connect your smartphone to the tracker instantly with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, energy efficient connection optimised for long battery life. The Smart fitness tracker will last up to 10 days on a full charge dependent on your usage.

The Design

Slim, durable, dust and water resistant (IPX7). OLED display with a slim sensor core nestled in a durable skin irritation-free TPU strap for everyday comfort usage. Two colour options included in the package with interchangeable wristbands.

Feature Rich

The Smart Fitness Tracker has four different modes to track and analyse your activity and fitness targets.

Daily Mode

Analyse your daily activity including steps taken and calories burnt. The sensor tracks the UV index when outdoors alerting you if necessary to take precautions.

Sleep Mode

Track your sleep pattern and quality of sleep with a detailed summary of your sleep pattern tracking how long and how well you’ve slept. The accurate sleep report on the App shows you when you were in deep sleep, when you were awake and when you were possibly dreaming!

You can set an alarm to wake you with a gentle vibration through the tracker so you don’t disturb anyone else.

Sports Mode

Track your heartbeat continuously. Choose your workout using the App and track metrics such as duration, distance, target, average speed, heart rate zone, fat burnt, altitude, average pace and more on your tracker and the App during and after your workout.

Receive a full summary of the workout once completed including speed and heart rate data of every logged point on the route map. Share your workout on Facebook with your friends.

Nap Mode

Choose how long you want to power nap and the tracker wakes you up with a vibration after the set time once in nap mode.

The App

The App is fully loaded with some amazing features to help maintain your health and fitness goals on a daily basis.

With fitness tips and regular alerts to increase activity the app will motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle. View detailed information, reports and stats of your daily activity with steps taken, calories burnt and how well you’ve slept data available every day and for previous days. Share your activity with any app compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit.


The free App supports connected GPS when GPS on your smartphone is enabled. View your route map when walking or jogging including start and finish time, steps taken, calories burnt, fat burnt, average speed and more.

Receive a full summary of the workout once completed including speed and heart rate data of every logged point on the route map. Share your data of your workout with your Facebook friends. The app generates analytical charts based on historical records and data in the past 7 days giving you a better understanding of your activity.

Connect with friends on Facebook with a smart fitness tracker and compete with them with a daily and weekly leader board. Chat with them via the app and monitor their activity. Your friends can be notified when you start a workout. This feature can be switched off via the App.

View a history of all your activity choosing any specific day and viewing your activity on that day.


Personalise the tracker by inputting your height, weight and age and set daily goals for steps taken and calories burned with optional reminders to exercise and notify you when your activity is low.

Set your workout goal on a daily basis including distance, duration, steps taken and calories burned as options.

Set up to 4 silent alarms on a daily basis with gentle vibrations sent straight to your smart fitness tracker.

Backup and restore all your data via Google Drive or iCloud and migrate it to another device.


The Smart Fitness Tracker is compatible with:

Any Android smartphone (version 4.3 and above) with built-in 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity

iPhone 4s and later models, iPad2 and later models, and iPod Touch (all with iOS version 7.0 and above).

Supported languages - English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Customer Reviews

Still on my wrist 30 days later! Review by A. Alain
Having tested several trackers, this one is my favourite!

Many trackers use the app H Band, this one has its own application which has so many more options allowing for example the storage of the data on iCloud (for mobiles operating under iOS) or display of all notifications that appear on the phone (in addition to natively managing Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype etc.)

Regarding the tracker, after more than a month of use, the sensors are reliable and the data integrates perfectly with Apple's "Health" application. The storage of the workouts and the possibility of sharing them is a real +. At the level of the detection of the sleep one also finds this reliability, without having to force the sleep mode or have to perform an action on the tracker or the telephone.

I would have liked in addition to heart rate to be able to have blood pressure or even saturation in O2 but this one still remains on my wrist!
(Posted on 17/01/2017)

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