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Clan at home

Time2 home security wifi cameras and smart appliances are part of Clan – a growing family of clever, affordable devices.

Clan devices work alone or together to make your life easier. You can manage them all on your smartphone or tablet with the free Clan at home app. Clan also enables Time2 smart home appliances to work with Alexa and Google Home.

With Time2 and Clan, the home is a lot smarter, for less. 

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Clan Helps...

Monitor your home

Sleep soundly knowing you've got extra eyes and ears around the home, with recording, playback and instant alerts for anything you miss.
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Look after loved ones

Vulnerable or elderly people living alone? Check in from time to time for peace of mind and early warning of difficulties. 
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Bed time for little ones?

Check they're OK without disturbing them and rest assured you're told if they cry or stir too much. 
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Keep an eye on furry friends

Check up on pets when you're not around, with alerts if they go where they're not supposed to. 
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Protect and secure your property

Maintain security surveillance over comings and goings, with continuous recordings, instant playback and optional alerts for movement or sound.
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Going away?

Head off in peace, knowing you can still watch over your home, inside and out, and be told if anything moves or makes a noise.
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