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We at time2 believe in the importance of a digital classroom to aid learning and ensure students and teachers are connected. 

There are many reasons schools should embrace the digital classroom. 

Increase in Focus and Motivation

Students with access to an internet-enabled tablet device have access to an ever-expanding source of information. Primary research, secondary research and fact checking can all be easily completed with the help of a tablet, a more flexible object to integrate into the design of a classroom compared to PCs, which naturally take up far more space.

Making schoolwork more fun and more interactive adds extra incentive for students – tablets can help to increase focus and motivation. The virtual environment created by a tablet is stimulating for students who may feel unmotivated by a traditional classroom setting. This helps to increase the forms of learning available to the students. A number of teaching methods found on The Learning Pyramid can be efficiently provided and aided by a tablet device.

The Tablets for School research discovered that 87% of students found learning easier due to their tablet, 72% believed their standard of work had improved and 69% expressed significant increase in motivation.

Student and Teacher Connected

Many struggling students are intimidated by the idea of asking their teachers for help with questions or subjects they find difficult or confusing – sitting quietly, hoping the problem goes away. A tablet device can allow students to anonymously ask questions and seek help when they are feeling confused. Apps such as FeedbackFruits help to keep the identity of students voicing concerns a secret – increasing the chance students will actually seek help.

Additionally, work completed on a tablet can be shared between students and teachers at all times – accommodating instant feedback and improved correspondence.

Workplace Preparation

One of the main responsibilities for curriculums, schools and teachers is to help students effectively prepare for working life. As tablets become more widely used in a large number of industries and professions, students who are comfortable with these technologies can benefit significantly, potentially enjoying increased employability.

Typing and computer literacy have historically been important skills to list on the CV. These, now standard, skills could be supplanted or supplemented by tablet literacy.

time2 Tablets

Our Powerful Quad Core 3G tablets with Android 7.0 operating system with a superfast A7 processor and better than HD 1280*800 display are perfect for your students. 

  • Android Tablet - The latest Android 7.0 Nougat Operating system built for improved performance, multi-tasking and a rich user experience. 
  • Google certified tablet – GMS certified Android tablet PC which meets Google's performance requirements to guarantee the Google Suite of Apps will work safely, securely and seamlessly on our 10 inch tablet.
  • Be Connected - Connect to the Internet via Wifi or 3G on your tablet PC to help you stay connected. 

If you’re a school, college, university or other educational establishment we’ve got tablets built for your budget.


Please get in touch to find out how we can help- enquiries@time2technology.com