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Finding the best Christmas presents for family and friends can be stressful... Luckily, our team of Santa’s Little Helpers have sourced a wide range of cracking Christmas gifts to provide peace of mind for all of your loved ones. So sit back, relax and let time2 find you the best Christmas presents. Choose your favourites and our elves will do the rest!

Gifts for Home Owners

Give the perfect gift this Christmas, give peace of mind of knowing that your home is safe. Being able to monitor your home provides great reassurance when you’re away. The time2's range of Security Cameras and Smart Home Alarm Systems let you check in at any time to see and hear what’s going on, use playback to discover what you may have missed and receive alerts if you want to know instantly about any movement or sound.

Gifts for Carers

This year the festive season is going to be very difficult for some people, not being able to be around the people they love, especially if the person they care for is sheilding or far away. If you know someone that is worried about a loved one, why not gift them with a time2 monitoring camera to help put their mind at ease. You can’t always be there in person for elderly or vulnerable relatives, friends or neighbours but you can keep a friendly eye and ear open in case of trouble and talk to them, no matter where you are with time2's range of Monitoring Cameras.

Gifts for Pet Owners

Trying to think of a gift idea for a pet lover? Pet Owners would love to know what their pets get up to when they are away, do they sit around waiting for then? Or maybe they are getting up to mischief? Leaving your furry friend home alone is so much easier with time2's Pet Cam. See and hear what they’re up to around the home, receive instant alerts if a dog barks and talk reassuringly to them, wherever you are. (Plus you can get really cute and funny pictures and videos)

Gifts for Small Business Owners

2020 has been a strange year, a lot of small business have had to close their doors on multiple occasions for weeks or months at a time. Do you know some one who owns a small business? Why don't you give them the comfort of knowing that their premises are safe and secure when they are not there. Time2's range of CCTV and Smart Alarm Systems will allow the owner to check in on their businesses when they can not be there, whether this is due to self isolation or lockdown.

Gifts for Kids

Parents! Are you fed up of your kids leaving the lights on and never turning things off? Well here are 2 gifts that your kids will love AND save you money, 2 birds, 1 stone. The time2 Smart Bulb ables you to switch your lights on and off from anywhere in the world straight from your phone, it is also multicoloured meaning you can change the mood of the room. So a cool new gadget for your kids and a cheaper electricity bill for you! Time2 also have a Smart Plug which means you can switch off electrical appliances at the touch of a button so no need to worry that you have left something switched on when you are out and about.

Gifts for New Parents

Do you know a new parent or a parent to be? Wouldn't it be a wonderful gift to be able to give them access to watch, listen and speak to their baby from anywhere in the world. Parents can’t sit at their baby’s bedside all the time but with the Time2 Baby Monitor, they can keep a reassuring eye and ear on the little one and receive instant alerts if they cough or cry, whether it’s a day time nap or a night time sleep.

Gifts for Car Enthusiast

I think it is safe to say that some people love their cars much more than others, however, for most people their car is the most valuable thing that they own after their home. How heartbreaking would it be if someone stole or vandalised your car, you may need it for work, school drops or even medical appointments and on top of that, if you claim on your insurance your premium could go up which could mean next year you could end up paying a lot more. Just having a security camera could deter a robber from stealing from you, if you know someone who relies on their car or is just a madly in love with their car why not treat them this Christmas to an Outdoor Surveillance Camera.

Gifts for Students

Have you got a child at university? Did you know roughly 1 in 3 students become victim to a crime. The most common crimes faced by students are criminal damage (25% of incidents), theft (24%) and burglary (22%). For Christmas why not give the gift of feeling safe in your own home, gift them with a Hidden Camera or a basic Alarm Kit. Time2's Hidden Camera and basic Alarm Kit are great ways to keep the thief out or catch them in the act. Whether your child is living in student accommodation or a shared house they deserve the security that time2 can provide.

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Time2's family of simple yet clever, connected devices includes our Home Alarm System, indoor and outdoor home security cameras, smart bulbs and smart plug. Each works perfectly on its own - and because they're all part of Clan they can also work together, managed by you through the Clan at home app.  

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